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Our topic areas reflect the priorities identified through our Sustainability Priority Assessment. The table shows the alignment between our priorities and our topic areas and provides a summary of our strategies and actions that are enabling us to work toward a more sustainable world.

  Topic Area Priorities Strategy & Actions
Reducing Carbon Emissions

Product GHG Emissions

Operational GHG Emissions & Efficiency

Climate Risk & Resilience

Strategy & Actions

Advance our all-electric future by:

  • Planning to reach more than 1 million units of EV capacity in each of North America and China by 2025.
  • Planning to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new light-duty vehicles by 2035.
  • Investing more than $35 billion from 2020 to 2025 in EVs and AVs.
  • Building four battery cell manufacturing facilities through Ultium Cells LLC (an equally owned joint venture with LG Energy Solution) by mid-decade.
  • Planning to source 100% renewable electricity at sites in the United States by 2025 and globally by 2035.
  • Aiming to reduce operational energy intensity by 35% by 2035 against a 2010 baseline.
  • Committing to SBTi approved targets that include reducing absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 72% by 2035 from a 2018 base year and Scope 3 GHG emissions from use of sold products of light-duty vehicles 51% per vehicle kilometer by 2035 from a 2018 base year.
for the Environment

Circular Economy

Waste Management

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Health

Water Management

Strategy & Actions

Pursue circular design in our products and Zero Waste in our operations by:

  • Aiming to reduce the carbon emission footprint of sourced materials in new GM vehicles by 2030.
  • Aiming to achieve over 90% waste diversion from landfills and incineration globally by 2025, with 86.4% achieved in 2021.
  • Partnering with strategic organizations on biodiversity and ecosystem health.
  • Aiming to reduce operational water intensity by 35% by 2035 against a 2010 baseline.
Advancing Transformative Technologies

Socially Responsible Innovation

EV Infrastructure

Autonomous Technology & Ethics

Strategy & Actions

Pursue our path to EV leadership by:

  • Developing urban, last-mile delivery solutions through BrightDrop that help reduce carbon emissions and urban congestion.
  • Leading in the development and commercialization of AV technology with Cruise.
  • Increasing software-enabled services and subscriptions, including Ultifi and OnStar, to enhance the user experience for our customers.
  • Leveraging our HYDROTEC fuel cell platform to transform a variety of transportation modes, such as ships and planes, into all-electric products.
  • Taking our advanced driver assistance system Super Cruise to the next level by unveiling Ultra Cruise.
Keeping People Safe

Vehicle Safety

Occupational Health & Safety

Personal Safety

Strategy & Actions

Approach safety holistically by:

  • Creating a culture of safety through governance mechanisms and strategies that “Live values that return people home safely. Every Person. Every Site. Every Day.”
  • Applying safety advocacy, research and technology to focus on the safety of drivers, passengers and those outside the vehicle through our safety brand, Periscope.
  • Working with world-class research institutes to study how current safety technologies are making a real-world difference on the path to zero crashes.
  • Deploying various advanced driving technologies, such as forward collision alert, as standard equipment on select models across our product portfolio.
  • Providing our customers with OnStar safety services, in and beyond the vehicle, keeping them connected to 24/7 emergency support from specially-trained OnStar Advisors.
Developing Talented & Diverse People

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Employee Engagement, Retention & Development

Freedom of Association & Expression

Employee Health & Well-Being

Strategy & Actions

Advance our aspiration to be the most inclusive company in the world by:

  • Enhancing talent recruiting practices to attract a more diverse pool of candidates through programs that create new entry pathways into our workforce.
  • Building a positive work environment by creating a place where employees feel inspired to do their best work and feel valued for doing it.
  • Providing professional training and development opportunities for all employees at all levels to optimize their full potential.
  • Offering competitive benefits and promoting work-life balance by adopting new philosophies such as “Work Appropriately” to accommodate on-site, remote and hybrid work options.
  • Improving DEI through recommendations from our Inclusion Advisory Board of internal and external leaders, led by Chair and CEO Mary Barra.
  • Improving DEI maturity throughout our global business by leveraging ERGs, nearly all of which have executive-led advisory councils to help them advance and address issues and opportunities.
  • Supporting freedom of association and expression by working with 28 unions globally that represent 99% of our represented workforce and 61% of our total global workforce.
Upholding Human Rights

Human Rights

Strategy & Actions

Respecting rights of all people within our value chain by:

  • Creating a strengthened Human Rights Policy, which was approved by the Board in 2021.
  • Utilizing the Cobalt Reporting Template, Mica Reporting Template and Conflict Minerals Reporting Template with our in-scope suppliers to support conflict mineral supply chain due diligence.
Supporting Supplier Responsibility

Supply Chain Environmental Impacts

Supply Chain Labor Conditions

Supplier Diversity

Strategy & Actions

Build strong, transparent and trusted relationships with our suppliers in pursuit of an inclusive, zero-emissions future by:

  • Assisting suppliers in sourcing renewable energy for electricity through the GM Supplier Renewable Energy Solutions program.
  • Publishing the GM Sustainability Partner Guide and Framework for our Tier I suppliers to communicate our supply chain goals, priorities and processes.
  • Collaborating inside and outside the automotive industry to build sustainable and socially responsible supply chains by participating in programs such as Responsible Business Alliance, Responsible Minerals Initiative, Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance and Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber.
  • Spending of approximately $3.8 billion in 2021 with North America diverse Tier I suppliers for direct materials.
  • Inviting our Tier I suppliers to sign our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Partnership Pledge.
Building More Inclusive Communities

Community Development

STEM Education

Climate Risk & Resilience

Strategy & Actions

Create inclusive and sustainable solutions within the communities we live and work by:

  • Putting forth a Climate Action Framework for an equitable transition to help guide our actions as our industry and company undergo a fundamental shift in mobility.
  • Committing $50 million to a Climate Equity Fund to lead positive change and implement inclusive solutions that bring along everyone in the transition to an all-electric future.
  • Providing philanthropic support that helps develop community opportunities, support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and improve vehicle and road safety.
  • Promoting progress in our hometown of Detroit through a $50 million commitment to support nonprofits, education, employment and neighborhood revitalization efforts.
Ensuring Responsible Governance

Sustainability-Related Compensation & Incentives

Business Ethics

Strategy & Actions

Ensure full transparency and ethical integrity throughout all operations by:

  • Enhanced Board oversight of ESG risk.
  • Integrating sustainability principles throughout the company’s business strategy, including management of climate change risk.
  • Incorporating robust cybersecurity and privacy protection policies and procedures as critical enablers of our digital transformation.
  • Creating and maintaining an ethical culture across all levels of our global workforce.
  • Adopting EV performance measures (including EV volume, launch timing and launch quality) for our long-term incentive plan to further align our executive compensation programs with our all-electric future and placing additional focus on GM’s growth and ESG performance.