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The needs of our customers are at the forefront of every decision we make. Today, we’re working to leverage our core business strengths to find new market opportunities that solve challenges for both individual customers and society at large. For example, we leveraged our Ultium battery platform to launch BrightDrop, which is focused on developing and commercializing smarter ways to deliver goods and services. And, Cruise is developing autonomous robo-taxis that we believe will reduce congestion in cities and improve safety.

Our Vision

ZERO crashes, ZERO emissions and ZERO congestion

Our growth strategy

This diagram shows an illustrative overview of some of GM’s performance indicators and is not meant to be inclusive of all key performance indicators (KPIs); rather, it is an example of how GM creates value for our stakeholders. Details on KPIs can be found in each of the corresponding sections.

GM Capital

Human Capital

  • ~146,000 employees
  • 11 employee resource groups (ERGs)
  • 6 Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Councils
  • 18,940 approximate global supplier count

Financial Capital

  • $128B automotive assets
  • $36.8B automotive liquidity
  • $7.4B capital expenditures
  • $76B approximate supply chain spend

Infrastructure Capital

  • 100+ facilities
  • 12,340 dealerships

Intellectual Capital

  • $7.9B R&D spend (inclusive of GM Financial and Cruise)
  • GM Global Innovation Team

Social and Relationship Capital

  • $50M Climate Equity Fund
  • $22M committed through the Justice and Inclusion Fund
  • $87M in cash and in-kind donations

Natural Capital

  • 25,304 ML water withdrawn
  • ~329,000 materials and services purchased
  • 45.2 GJ energy used
Infographic detailing how we create value for our stakeholders

value created

Human Capital: Our Employees

  • 2.9M+ training hours
  • 10,229 global salary promotions
  • Announced $7B investment in four Michigan manufacturing sites, expected to create 4,000 new jobs and retain 1,000 jobs

Financial capital: Our Shareholders

  • $114B automotive net sales and revenue
  • $10B net income (inclusive of GM Financial and Cruise)
  • $9.7B net automotive cash provided by operating activities

Infrastructure Capital: Our Customers

  • 6.3M vehicles sold
  • 50 vehicle models with one or more Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Increased EV charging infrastructure

Intellectual Capital: Our Customers

  • New solutions and services such as OnStar Guardian, BrightDrop, Ultifi, and Ultium batteries
  • Safety technologies

Social and Relationship Capital: Our Communities

  • 19 nonprofits received Climate Equity Fund grants
  • ~$6B North America Tier I and Tier II diverse supplier spend (including media)
  • $46M in grantmaking to support a portfolio of 364 U.S.-based nonprofit projects

Natural Capital: Our Planet

  • 1.2M metric tons waste diverted from landfills and incinerators
  • 146,832 MWh renewable energy for electricity generated at our facilities (includes electricity generated from landfill gas sold to the grid for Orion and excludes on-site PPAs)
  • 4.54 m3/vehicle water intensity reduction at our facilities
  • 31 Certified Wildlife Habitats

Our Growth Strategy

Reimagine the Customer Experience - Deliver world-class customer interactions