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Our future is electric and includes everyone.

Climate change affects different communities in different ways. As we move toward a carbon neutral future, we must lead positive change and implement inclusive solutions that address everyone’s unique needs, especially those of the communities where we live and work. In 2021, we put forth a Climate Action Framework to help guide our actions as our industry and company undergo a fundamental shift in mobility.

Building on our philanthropic commitment to equitable climate action, GM has announced that we will provide an additional $25 million through our Climate Equity Fund, dedicating a total of $50 million to help close equity gaps in the transition to EVs and other sustainable technologies. To date, grants have been made to 19 nonprofit organizations that are helping to implement inclusive solutions for a zero-emissions, carbon neutral future. Read more about GM’s impact through the Climate Equity Fund.


Future of Work

Current and future employees will have a role to play in GM’s transition to an EV portfolio, and we will invest in necessary training and reskilling to make that transition.

EV Access

Achieve through a wide range of EVs across most segments and price points.

Infrastructure Equity

Committing to accessible charging solutions that can help meet customers where they are and understanding the need to help address charging deserts and other scenarios that can hinder EV ownership.

Climate Equity

Funding organizations that are helping to close the climate equity gap at the community level.


  • Help make mobility safe, accessible and environmentally friendly for all.
  • Incorporate and normalize equity considerations across our business operations and program implementation efforts, including workforce strategy, sustainability efforts, and products and services.
  • Work with community-based stakeholders to identify their unique needs, assets and priorities as well as collaboratively assist impacted communities.
  • Advocate for inclusive and equitable climate change action, renewable energy and transportation-related policies at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Help support organizations that are providing equitable access to a more sustainable future.