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GPSC advances how GM and our suppliers achieve mutual success by providing better product quality, cost and durability to our customers.

  Program Description
  GM Supplier Business Council (SBC)

The GM SBC consists of 20 suppliers who meet quarterly with our GPSC Leadership Team. Within the SBC, the Sustainability Sub-Council serves as a sounding board for GPSC’s sustainability strategy. The Sustainability Sub-Council consists of SBC and non-SBC members who are recognized for their work in sustainability and a team of cross-functional GM employees. We look to this Sub-Council as the voice of our greater supply base on topics of sustainability.

  GM Supplier Business Meetings

GM Supplier Business Meetings are held regularly throughout the year as a global webcast where GM global topics are shared. GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra addresses this group annually. Suppliers who participate in this webcast represent approximately 85% of our annual purchases for parts and services.

  GM Supplier Safety Council

The Supplier Safety Council serves as an open and collaborative forum to exchange safety policies and share best practices across the supply base. Any GM supplier is welcome to access the Council’s database to learn safety practices that can be shared within their own operations and supply base.

  GM Supply Power

GM SupplyPower is an internet portal used by GM to share information, including sustainability event information, policies, guidelines, standards and reports, and best practices with suppliers. It includes a section devoted to sustainability. We encourage suppliers to facilitate discussions with their organizations on important information posted in SupplyPower.

  Supplier of the Year

Our Supplier of the Year program recognizes top performers. In 2021, 135 suppliers from 16 countries were awarded and recognized, including 17 first-time winners. The 2021 program also included a new Overdrive Award with criteria including supplier sustainability innovation.

  Communication Tools

Communication tools—AwareLine, Speak Up For Safety and others—are used by suppliers and our own employees to raise concerns, including those relating to potential human rights and environmental violations. Speak Up!, GM’s Non-Retaliation Policy, protects GM employees from retaliation as a result of raising concerns. Our Supplier Code of Conduct prohibits suppliers from retaliating or harassing their employees for utilizing grievance mechanisms.

Across the globe, we hold various webinars and work with third parties to provide external training to improve supplier operations, primarily in the areas of environmental management, workplace conditions, sustainability, ethics and human rights. In 2021, we conducted 18 supplier educational sessions covering topics that included energy reduction, conflict mineral reporting template requirements, supplier sustainability goal-setting and sustainable logistics.

2021 Overdrive Award
for Sustainability Winners

Forvia Faurecia Nucor SKF Bader

2020 Overdrive Award
for Sustainability Winners

WestRock Gallagher Kaiser GDC Cooper Standard

Industry Collaboration

We collaborate with, and are active members of, organizations inside and outside the automotive industry to develop sustainable and socially responsible supply chain programs.

89% of approximately 4,000 supplier locations are third-party certified to the IATF 16949 Quality Standard.

475 GM employees in 2021 received AIAG’s Supply Chain Sustainability eLearning training, which highlights fundamental principles of responsible working conditions.

We work closely with many industry- and supply chain-focused organizations, including the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), where we actively participate in the Responsible Materials Work Group, along with several of its subgroups, and sit on the Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee. GM has partnered with the AIAG, of which we are a member, to provide training to our employees and suppliers through their Supply Chain Sustainability eLearning. The training reflects the Automotive Industry Guiding Principles, which are comprised of three pillars: Business Ethics, Environment, and Human Rights & Working Conditions. Human rights training topics include child labor and young workers, wages and benefits, working hours, forced labor, freedom of association, health and safety, harassment and nondiscrimination. In 2020, 400 GM employees took the AIAG training; this number increased to 475 in 2021, covering 17 different countries within GM’s global footprint. In Spring 2022, AIAG will be launching a more robust sustainability eLearning platform that expands on the content of the current training. This interactive and comprehensive platform will engage trainees in scenario-based learning that references specific challenges within the sustainability sphere. GM is serving as a sponsoring company to help finance the tool, and, as a result, training will be free to suppliers. GM expects to begin rolling out the AIAG sustainability eLearning platform to a portion of our supply base mid-year 2022.

Compliance with IATF 16949 Quality Standards (IATF 16949) is a requirement for GM Tier I suppliers. This third-party certification requires suppliers to employ responsible supply chain practices and to have policies on employee code of conduct, antibribery and ethics escalation policy (“whistle-blowing”).

Learn more in the Upholding Human Rights
section of this report.

Key Industry Collaborations

AIAG: Automotive Industry Action Group Responsible Mineral Initiative Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council IATF IRMA: Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance Suppliers Partnership for the Environment GPSNR Responsible Business Alliance - Advancing Sustainability Globally