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Our goal of a zero-emissions future is dependent on the broad-scale commercialization of EVs. That future begins with a supply chain that can provide us with the components and materials necessary to produce EVs, including advanced batteries and other technologies. This makes supplier relationships more critical than ever to fulfill our vision.

Our global supply chain spans thousands of businesses and is built on strong, transparent and trusted relationships. These relationships, which our Global Purchasing and Supply Chain (GPSC) organization manages, are critical to ensuring product quality, availability and affordability for our customers. By seeking to be the customer of choice for suppliers, we strive to improve business competitiveness, mitigate business risks, improve quality and efficiency in our value streams, and maximize our influence in addressing societal concerns.

We have made significant progress in strengthening our supplier relationships as shown in Plante Moran’s 2021 annual Working Relations Index, where we achieved a score of 289, a 20-point improvement compared to the previous year.

GPSC Priority Wheel

Our supply chain strategy flows from GPSC’s Priority Wheel, pictured at left. The Priority Wheel is a well-established set of priorities aligning supply chain objectives, with customer focus at the core. It also encourages us to gain supplier input on major process improvements and other issues that may affect them. Our vice president of GPSC is responsible for executing the objectives in our Priority Wheel.

Supply Chain Scale & Scope

#3 ranking in North American Automotive
OEM-Supplier Working Relations Index®

$76B approximate supply
chain spend

18,940 approximate global
supplier count

329,000 approximate materials and
services purchased

Local Sourcing1 as a Percentage of Regional Spend2

73% International and South America

92% North America

96% China

  1. Local spend tracks local sourcing at a regional level.
  2. Percentages are approximate.

Customer Focused Priorities