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Earning Customers for Life

Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience (CX) Team’s purpose is to create safe and
effortless experiences that customers actually love.

We aim to deliver experiences that feel simple, convenient, human, satisfying, and beautiful.

Love this BUICK app1 easy to use and has all my car’s information.


Fleet Opps Advisers always do a great job of helping me do my job!


I appreciate the courteous, knowledgeable customer service representative who addressed my questions and provided me with a year-long plan at a better rate.


Quotes are sourced from Clarabridge customer feedback management tool and are intentionally anonymized.

In 2021, the CX Team, working cross-functionally with our internal and external partners, have designed, developed and launched more than 2,000 customer-impacting improvements touching digital customer interfaces, contact centers, brand sites and GM’s loyalty program. A few of those improvements include new dynamic content in the mobile app1, an all new e-commerce platform allowing customers to purchase replacement parts online and a customer self-service hub built into the brand websites.

We also make great efforts to ensure our customers can share their feedback with us through the GM Customer Assistance Center. Our Customer Assistance Center is integrated with our U.S. dealer network, field organization, technical and parts assistance, engineering, product quality teams and OnStar and Roadside teams. GM customers can easily report a suggestion, concern or comment through the web channel, email address or phone hotline. This highly dedicated global team supports over 2.5 million interactions monthly to quickly account for feedback and help resolve concerns.

In addition to listening to customers through the Customer Assistance Center, GM has launched a new customer feedback management tool that aggregates millions of comments from customers across all channels. The intelligence of this tool allows us to listen to customers, identify opportunities and proactively reach out to support customers as well as continually feed the insights internally to improve our products, services and experiences.

Rewarding Loyalty

My GM Rewards program, the most comprehensive automotive loyalty program, allows enrolled members to earn and redeem points on eligible purchases, including new GM vehicles, parts, accessories, paid dealer services and OnStar and Connected Services plans. In 2022, we launched an all new rewards program featuring three membership tiers and new ways to earn and redeem.

~6M cumulative members enrolled in the My GM Rewards program.2

Customer Trust & Satisfaction

We put customers at the center of everything we do and strive to deliver the highest possible levels of product quality.

Our focus on product quality and our customers aligns the entire company behind the goal of exceeding customer expectations and providing them with the best overall experience. GM brands, products and services aim for benchmarks in studies measuring product quality and consumer satisfaction.

Beginning with 2022 model year vehicles, a new warranty was announced in the United States and Canada that will provide coverage for any seatbelt or airbag system for six years or 72,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Vehicle Development Process

Our focus on the customer defines how we develop, engineer and manufacture our vehicles with quality and durability goals in mind, starting with the vehicle development process.

We harness customer feedback from global markets to help shape our customers’ product experience, using our GM Compass customer survey to gather preferences on a variety of issues—from performance and efficiency to how people interact with their vehicles.

The Global Vehicle Development Process is rooted in a cultural commitment to design, engineer and build quality vehicles. Building upon GM’s “Who We Are” and “How We Behave” foundational statements, employees are committed to a goal of delivering quality as a value supported by key initiatives and behaviors. This commitment involves three elements:

  • Product Safety, which includes our Speak Up For Safety program, Safety Field Investigation processes, Prevent Repeat Defects process and Safety Incident Protocols. The Speak Up For Safety program and Safety Field Investigation processes help identify and investigate potential issues. Prevent Repeat Defects is one of the approaches we use to help confirm field learnings are captured in our standard work to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

  • Systems Engineering, which uses a systems approach to translate our customers’ needs into industry-leading vehicle designs. IT-based systems help map, flow and trace requirements across engineering organizations to help ensure our products are safe, reliable and win in the marketplace.

  • Quality Chain is an integrated approach to connecting quality tools and methods that enables cross-functional team collaboration to mitigate defects from reaching our customers. This is executed by connecting vehicle-level requirements to system, subsystem and component levels. This helps drive enterprisewide engagement so design and process issues can be mitigated across all systems and processes.

We also emphasize systems engineering companywide. This includes requiring all people to practice the discipline of systems thinking, understanding how their individual roles contribute to the bigger picture, rather than thinking in silos. GM also has quality tools that work as interconnected processes and cross system and organizational boundaries. Using these tools together helps us build discipline into our process for identifying and addressing failure modes.

These product development centric elements are foundational and complemented by our Launch Excellence initiative. The initiative uses affinity diagrams to help teams focus on what must be true in terms of process and discipline to successfully navigate vehicle development.

  1. Available on select Apple and Android devices. Service availability, features and functionality vary by vehicle, device and the plan you are enrolled in. User terms apply.
  2. 2018–2021 year-end.