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People are our greatest asset and the reason behind our success. They are the key to realizing our vision of a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.

To continue making strides in our cultural transformation and to reach an all-electric future, we must recruit the most qualified diverse talent and foster great employee experiences in a culture where individuals can learn, develop and thrive. We gladly continue our journey of building a world-class diverse, equitable and inclusive organization at GM.

Employee experiences begin before joining GM, and we take that very seriously. Recruitment provides us with the largest opportunity to build a workforce with the diversity of thought and essential technical skillsets that are critical to achieving a better, safer and more equitable world for everyone. By starting with a diverse mix of candidates at the onset of our recruiting efforts, we are better positioned to advance the aspirations we have set for becoming the most inclusive company in the world.

A key objective of our talent recruitment and assessment processes is to foster a mindset of inclusion and provide an experience that enables the most qualified pool of diverse candidates to find opportunities at GM. We are committed to increasing the variety of highly skilled employees and recognize that there are many pathways to success.

We know from one candidate to another high-quality talent is innately diverse: Everyone has their own unique background and brings their own unique experiences to a role—and we are consistently architecting better ways for each candidate to shine in their own light during the application and interview processes. The GM Talent Acquisition Team combines their expertise in recruitment with various outreach strategies, including market analysis, sourcing, talent marketing and communications, to generate relevant, effective candidate interactions that contribute to GM’s hiring of highly qualified and diverse talent aligned with our growth strategy.

We aim to provide inclusive job descriptions that focus on the capabilities and skills needed for the role. As candidates move through the recruitment process, they participate in structured interviews that help provide an objective platform to assess skill and behavioral alignment with the specific job needs. We also strive to create diverse teams of interviewers who reflect an inclusive mindset and provide different perspectives when assessing a candidate.

A significant shift in our ability to attract diverse talent has been the adoption of our “Work Appropriately” philosophy. This approach accommodates on-site, remote and hybrid work options, depending on the role, and underscores the trust that we have in our employees to do their best work wherever they can have the greatest impact on achieving our goals. Leveraging “Work Appropriately” has provided us with a tremendous advantage in talent recruitment, as it enables many potential candidates to experience the opportunities that exist at GM without having to move.

>75,000 global salaried and represented employees participated in our Workplace of Choice pulse survey

Engaging Every Employee

We strive every day to engage our employees in a meaningful way so that everyone feels connected to and united by our common Purpose, Vision and Values.

We measure engagement through our global Workplace of Choice survey, which goes to all employees. The full survey is conducted every two years in addition to shorter pulse surveys throughout the year. In 2021, more than 75,000 global salaried and represented employees provided feedback.

We strive for continuous improvement in engagement scores. To this end, GM’s Senior Leadership Team and senior executives have aspirational engagement targets. All leaders also have a common annual performance management goal to emphasize their role in creating an engaged workplace culture that embraces feedback and recognition.