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Growth and development are top priorities for GM employees around the world.

Learning continues to be a significant enabler of employees’ growth and development. GM subscribes to a 70-20-10 philosophy of learning, where 70% of learning ideally occurs through on-the-job experiences, including stretch projects. The next 20% occurs through exposure activities, coaching, mentoring, participation in ERGs and other social activities. And the final 10% of learning happens through formal educational resources.

Learning and development opportunities are available to employees at all levels across the enterprise. We believe learning is an experience that needs to be extended to employees in the course of their daily work.

Getting Everybody in the Know

As we accelerate our all-electric future, it’s important that all GM employees are knowledgeable about our growing electric vehicle (EV) products and services. In 2021, we launched several new internal channels to increase awareness, including:

  • A global microsite accessible on the home page of our intranet with the latest EV news, learnings tools and available resources.
  • A Degreed course dedicated to cultivating employee understanding of key areas of GM’s electrification strategy.
  • A Yammer channel dedicated to internal EV conversations, questions and engagements.
Learn more about employee opportunities for
mentorship and growth on our GM Careers website.

How We Learn at GM

Rather than be prescriptive about learning, we encourage employees to build skills and seek out diverse experiences that interest them most through a variety of programs and tools.

  Program Description
  Degreed (Global)

A learning experience platform introduced in 2021 to support employees’ learning during the flow of work.

Enables self-assessment of skills proficiency prioritization of 2,500 learning pathways.

Access to 9,700 social learning groups.

DEI pathways are integrated with our monthly DEI microlearnings, initiated in 2021, so employees can continue exploring and practicing new knowledge.

  AGM Technical Learning University (United States)

Manufacturing labs at our Global Technical Center campus for skilled trades workers and salaried manufacturing engineers from across the United States to hone their skills using next-generation equipment such as automation and robotics.

  The Professional Managers Network (North America)

Open to front-line people leaders as a resource to help engage and motivate their teams.

  SYNAPSE (Global)

An annual innovation competition hosted by our innovation lab, iHub, where teams of employees stretch beyond their roles to create, develop and pitch ideas to leadership.

iHub Idea Incubator.

A place for GM employees to submit their innovation ideas related to GM’s core business.

  Talent Spotting Framework (Global)

To continually spot and grow our talent, more than 5,000 people leaders were trained globally in 2021 to leverage this comprehensive framework.

  Employee Cards and Talent Profiles (Global)

Part of our Workday platform, employees can input their own strengths and career aspirations into this human resources (HR) tool, which results in greater visibility and connections to opportunities.

  Workday Mentoring Program (Global)

Hosted through our Workday platform, this program encourages employees to establish mentoring relationships with more than 2,000 mentors available to guide and support them in their career journeys.

  Executive Leadership Development (Global)

Collaborations with academic institutions such as Stanford University and the University of Michigan support employee capability development efforts by keeping employees up-to-date on emerging trends in business and society.

  People Leader Basics (Global)

Modularized people leader training designed to establish foundational expectations, upskill manager capabilities and further drive the GM leadership competencies across the enterprise.