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GM has 118 facilities in the United States, located in 27 states. In many of the communities where we live and work, we are a major employer and significant contributor to the local tax base.

In turn, these communities are a source of local talent and resources that enable our operation. This symbiotic relationship is part of our business strategy, and we are committed to ensuring these relationships are built on trust and accountability. That means positive and sustainable engagement with key individuals, groups and organizations in each community where we live and work. As our industry and world transform, we aim to strengthen and fortify these grassroots relationships in order to build resiliency in both our business and our communities.

In 2021, GM leaders at both the local and corporate level prioritized local community engagement and dialogue that centered on collaboration, problem solving and sharing of best practices. This communication included the launch of 10 unique external newsletters in 25 different communities to share quarterly local and corporate news.

GM has longstanding positive relationships with local public health departments. The pandemic provided an opportunity to strengthen our collaboration through vaccination, contact tracing and other activities. As vaccines became available early in the year, GM developed an internal campaign to promote the benefits of vaccination. In GM communities where vaccination rates were lower than the state average, we partnered with local chambers of commerce to share our voice as a community business leader and our own approach to vaccination efforts. We also helped amplify this message through TV and radio interviews across multiple states and penned an op-ed from our chief medical officer and workplace safety lead, titled “Working Together for a Safe Return to Work,” that we shared with local publications.

It’s particularly important for us to ensure local communities understand GM’s business transformation. Following our Investor Event in October, our executive vice president of manufacturing and sustainability hosted community webinars with key stakeholders to share more about GM’s growth strategy and electrification journey. He underscored that manufacturing is a competitive advantage for GM and outlined how we intend to bring our people and our communities along on our journey, and how we can support that journey by advocating for EV charging infrastructure and helping to build the workforce of the future.

Corporate Giving Heat Map
(U.S. Giving by State, 2021)

2021 GM Giving At-a-Glance1


Total 1.7M individuals
74 nonprofits engaged

Funding by underrepresented population

39% Black/African American
19% Hispanic/Latino
8% Other underrepresented populations

GM Community Impact
Grants Disbursed

$3M in grants
148 nonprofits
112,000 estimated people impacted

Community Development Impact

76,230 total individuals
12 BIPOC-owned small businesses received a grant and technical assistance
11,827 free rides to alleviate transportation barriers
2,000 women of color to receive entrepreneurship education
36,000 individuals committed to
the Safe Driving Pledge
Total 900,000 individuals

vehicle & road
safety impact

153 high schools provided
road safety programming
483,000 individuals to receive
education on seat belt use

GM Cares

Our employee volunteer force
Time valued at $3M for 364 nonprofits
  15,284 employee volunteers
95,648 volunteer hours
17 states and 9 countries

Employee Participation

bar chart showing yearly employee participation in GM Cares from 2016 through 2021
  1. Subject to change annually based on investment portfolio priorities.
To learn more about 2021 funding breakdown by focus area, download our 2021 Social Impact Report.

Corporate Giving Heat Map
(U.S. Giving by State, 2021)

GM Cares Employee Participation