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Reduce Energy Intensity by 20 Percent

GM implemented over 250 global energy savings projects and initiatives in 2018 resulting in 580 GWh of reduction or 3 percent absolute. Unfortunately with 5 percent volume reduction and a large number of product launches, our energy intensity increased by 3.7 percent from 2017. With increased plans for Energy Performance Contracting, we expect to return to our pathway to 2020.

Increase Renewably Energy to 125MW

We have already exceeded the 2020 goal and are working toward a new target of meeting 100 percent of the electrical needs of our global operations through renewable energy by 2050. We are approximately 20 percent of the way toward this new goal.

New Science Goal Established for Operations
Absolute Reduction of Carbon by 31 Percent
(GHG, Scope 1&2 Market Based, million metric tons)

GM met our Scope 1 and 2 GHG 2020 goal in 2017 and developed an absolute goal to 2010-2030, based on science, to limit global temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Energy efficiency in our operations and RE100 provide the methods to meet our goal.

Reduce Water Intensity by 15 Percent

Similar to energy, with a reduction in production volume of 5 percent, even with water conservation projects implemented, GM had a 0.6 percent intensity increase. Our plan to meet the pathway to 2020 is to use Water Performance Contracting.

Reduce Waste Intensity by 40 Percent

A new Sustainable Materials Management function is allowing us to continually reduce waste through design, materials selection and repurposing of items that would otherwise go to waste.

Reach 150 Landfill-Free Sites

Manufacturing actions taken as part of GM’s transformation led to several plants being unallocated, which in turn decreased our total number of landfill-free sites.

Reduce VOC Emissions by 10 Percent
(metric tons/vehicle)

Though we achieved our commitment in 2013, we continue to lower VOC emissions annually.

Establish a Wildlife Habitat Certification (or Equivalent) at Each GM Manufacturing Site Where Feasible by 2020

We were gratified to add four new certified wildlife habitats during 2018, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of our manufacturing employees and leadership. We are currently at nearly 85 percent of our goal.

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