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Corporate Giving

Employee volunteers
$3.2 million
In-kind donations
Volunteer hours
$1.4 million
People served through grants

focus area funding

STEM Education

  • Increase in presence, achievement and persistence for underrepresented minorities in STEM fields
  • Increase in students earning degrees in STEM
  • Increase in qualified teachers

Vehicle & Road Safety

  • Increase in awareness and knowledge of vehicles and road safety issues
  • Increase in seat belt usage
  • Decrease in distracted driving

Community Development

  • Increase in quality of life through resident-led innovations
  • Increase in education levels/vocational skills
  • Increase in access to affordable and reliable transportation choices


  • Increase in third grade literacy, STEM education, high school graduates and supply of qualified school teachers and leadership
  • Increase in post-secondary education and decrease in barriers to sustainable employment
  • Increase in access to arts and culture institutions, thriving neighborhoods, and visitor, business and resident growth


STEM Education
Social Outcomes Participants
Increase the presence, achievement and persistence for underrepresented minorities 348K
Increase students who earn STEM-related degrees 90K
Increase qualified teachers in STEM-related subjects 3K
Total 441K

*KPIs for grants completed in 2018, with funds dispersed in 2017

Vehicle & Road Safety
Social Outcomes Participants
Increase awareness of vehicle and road safety issues 436K
Increase seat belt and restraint usage 452K
Decrease distracted driving 3K
Total 891K
Sustainable Communities
Social Outcomes Participants
Decrease in high school students who are not college-ready 5K
Increase in educational levels and vocational skills 9K
Support urban neighborhood revitalization 4K
Total 18K
Social Outcomes Participants
Increase percentage of high school graduates 14K
Increase third-grade literacy proficiency 14K
Increase visitors, businesses and homeowners 54K
Increase employable workforce 505K
Total 587K