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Vehicle and Road Safety

Sustaining Communities

In keeping with GM’s value that safety and quality are foundational commitments, the second focus area of our strategy supports global efforts to increase safe practices in and around vehicles.

In 2020, during the height of a global pandemic and associated lockdowns, motor vehicle traffic and vehicle miles traveled reduced significantly. However, a preliminary study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found the number of people killed in crashes rose 4.6% from 2019. Authorities from the study suggest that this spike is due to an increase in risky behavior, including not wearing a seat belt, speeding and driving while impaired.

Based on this study, it is evident that GM’s commitment to help bridge the gap between today’s transportation reality and a future of zero crashes must remain a priority. Through programs with organizations such as Safe Kids Worldwide, National Safety Council and National Organizations for Youth Safety, over 2 million individuals were impacted via projects funded in 2020.

individuals to receive
education on seat belt use.
high schools to provide road
safety programming.
individuals committed to
the Safe Driving Pledge.