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Vehicle Safety Advocacy

Keeping People Safe

The safety of our employees and our customers is of utmost importance to us. When it comes to our loved ones, safety is always on our minds. It’s just the way we are built. And why we're focused on reducing the number of crashes to help us all be safer on the road.

Vehicle Safety

To help move toward a future with zero crashes, General Motors is introducing Periscope, a new safety brand that represents a holistic approach to vehicle safety. Periscope brings together three areas of focus—advocacy, research and technology as a way to think about addressing the safety not only of drivers and passengers, but those outside the vehicle as well. This includes our research with world-renowned universities like Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute; our safety advocacy with Safe Kids Worldwide; and the development of our in-vehicle technologies—that can help drivers avoid crashes. Periscope is how we engineer for safety through a human lens—focusing on driver behaviors and the driving environment and to develop features and technologies that can assist the driver and help keep our customers safe.

In many ways, our approach to vehicle safety has not changed. GM has a rich history of safety innovation—from the first production airbag systems in the 70s to today’s Driver Attention System that can enable hands-free driving with our Super Cruise driver assistance technology on compatible roadways. Periscope is the culmination of all these things. It is how everyone at GM—all of our employees—are committed to putting customer safety first.

A Holistic Approach to Vehicle Safety

Periscope embodies safety from three perspectives

The Vehicle: Engineering advanced technologies and features.

The Driver: Education and advocacy to help reduce driver error and risky driving behaviors.

The Environment: Leveraging renowned research partnerships to help influence vehicle and driving policies to make city and community infrastructures safer.


Through Periscope, we are working to increase safety in and around vehicles as we move toward a future of zero crashes. GM recognizes the need to continue building public awareness of the many risks to all roadway users and to promote safe driving behaviors and a safe roadway environment. This is why we are investing in nonprofit relationships and initiatives to educate on the dangers of impaired and distracted driving and promote seat belt usage and safe road practices. Current relationships and initiatives include:

  • Safe Kids Worldwide: For over 20 years, GM and Safe Kids Worldwide have collaborated to help keep kids safe in and around vehicles through many programs, such as the GM-funded Buckle Up Program. The Buckle Up Program works through a nationwide coalition to provide inspection stations and free car seat check-up events throughout the year. Additionally, GM has provided training opportunities to more than 70 employees to become certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. These employees volunteer to support the public through car seat check-up events—educating parents and caregivers on the proper installation of car seats and sharing additional child passenger safety information. These activities, along with other digital and in-person engagements, provide great opportunities for GM to reinforce child passenger safety with drivers.
  • National Organizations for Youth Safety: Directed toward the teen driver, GM partners with National Organizations for Youth Safety to implement the annual Seat Belts Save (SBS) Challenge. SBS is a four-week campaign designed to educate teens about the dangers of riding in a vehicle without wearing a seat belt and increase the number of teens who regularly wear a seat belt while driving or riding in a vehicle. The challenge runs each fall and is available to high schools nationwide.
  • National Safety Council: GM supports DriveitHOME, an NSC initiative designed for parents of new teen drivers. The initiative offers free, research-based resources parents can use to help their teens build experience behind the wheel and become safer drivers. NSC also works with employers to bring these resources to parents in their workplaces to ensure access to materials like Pointers for Parents and the New Driver Deal.
  • America Walks: America Walks is leading the way in advancing safe, equitable, accessible and enjoyable places to walk and move by giving people and communities the resources to effectively advocate for change. GM supports America Walks to ensure pedestrians are equipped with resources to remain safe when sharing roadways with motorists, bicyclists and other road users.