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OnStar Safety Innovation

Keeping People Safe

With the OnStar Guardian mobile app, OnStar protection is no longer solely tied to a vehicle.

Periscope’s holistic view of safety helps us stay focused on safety for our customers, their families and communities.

This extends to OnStar, our in-vehicle safety and security service. Over the past year, we’ve introduced several enhancements to the service, including a version of OnStar Safety Services tailored for fleet customers. Offerings include Automatic Crash Response, Emergency Services, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown and Driver Remote Access. And through a new partnership with RapidDeploy, OnStar can now electronically transmit critical crash data directly into the Emergency Communications Centers’ ecosystems in the U.S. This can help facilitate better-informed dispatch and enhanced patient treatment at crash scenes.

Increasingly, we are employing OnStar to help customers in ways that go beyond responding to crashes or vehicle issues. The service is now available to customers and family members through the OnStar Guardian mobile phone app, so they can access certain OnStar support services whether at home, out walking or in any vehicle, regardless of brand or ownership. Other crises we are responding to include support for persons contemplating suicide. Now, in the event of a crisis, the red OnStar button can connect to an advisor trained in suicide prevention.

As destructive hurricanes continue to impact the U.S., we also are helping customers in need through OnStar Crisis Assist services. After Hurricane Laura made landfall in Louisiana and Texas, we provided Crisis Assist to all properly equipped Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles in the region—not just those with an active plan. For a limited time, owners of connected GM vehicles in affected states could connect to Crisis Advisors for coordinated emergency and evacuation services, personal calling, access to in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots and hotel bookings.