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Transportation Equity

Fostering Diversity Equity & Inclusion

As the number-one U.S. automaker, and the first automaker to establish industry-leading supplier diversity and minority dealer programs, we are committed to driving equitable transportation solutions for all who seek access to health care, education, jobs and other transportation-enabled goals that lead to more vibrant and fulfilling lives.

A major concern of historically underrepresented groups is that much of our transportation infrastructure was built over half a century ago when transportation and technology were far different than today. The development of our modern highway system, for example, left displaced and divided communities due to legal redlining and other segregationist policies that intentionally lowered property values and magnified existing inequities in low-income and minority communities. This also created frontline communities disproportionately burdened by higher rates of air pollution, congestion and costs associated with transportation and energy use. Thus, a major concern identified by historically marginalized communities is whether new e-mobility technologies, such as electrification and autonomous, will equitably benefit their communities or perpetuate and exacerbate existing inequities.

Accordingly, GM is committed to current and new alliances that advocate for sustainable and equitable mobility solutions that extend the benefits of transportation technology to marginalized groups. We have collaborated with EVHybridNoire, the nation’s largest network of diverse EV owners and enthusiasts, and EVNoire, a national organization focused on e-mobility best practices, diversity, equity and inclusion. Both organizations are committed to advancing inclusive and equitable e-mobility solutions.

We have undertaken an inclusive and diverse stakeholder engagement process to develop key objectives informed by real-world experiences and best practices from equity stakeholders. These objectives include:

  • Making mobility safer, more accessible, more affordable and more environmentally friendly for all.
  • Incorporating and normalizing equity considerations across our business operations and program implementation efforts.
  • Working in partnership with community-based stakeholders to identify their unique needs, assets and priorities, as well as collaboratively developing informed solutions for impacted communities.
  • Advocating for inclusive and equitable climate change, clean energy and transportation-related policies at the federal, state and local levels.

This effort represents a first step on our transportation equity journey. Through continuous measurement, improvement and operational efforts we will strive to incorporate equity into our value chain and drive sustainable mobility solutions for all. We encourage the larger automotive industry to join us on this journey.

Incorporating Equity Into Public Policy

As one of the nation's largest automakers, it is incumbent upon us to explore policy options that will make our mobility solutions accessible to all. In this spirit, the GM Public Policy team facilitated an internal, diverse stakeholder-driven process in partnership with EVHybridNoire and EVNoire to establish a set of transportation equity principles that will help guide the company’s engagement and strategy around matters of equity, justice and inclusion as they relate to our Zero, Zero, Zero Vision. Learn more about these principles in the Policies section.