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Equity at GM

Fostering Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Everyone at General Motors is expected to uphold the values and behaviors that are integral to our culture—and foster an environment where we can openly and authentically contribute our best work, free from fear.

While our focus on diversity has been historically documented, we acknowledge that we have more work ahead to ensure that our workforce and leadership team are truly diverse and that there is equity and a measurable culture of inclusion. Importantly, diversity alone is not enough. We want to go further than that and are equally committed to ensuring that every GM employee feels a sense of belonging within our company. As part of GM’s efforts to become the most inclusive company in the world, we will continue to cultivate an environment where each person feels they are heard, supported and valued.

We regularly provide education and training for our employees to reinforce what is expected of those who work for our company. When individuals act in a way that is inconsistent with these values and expectations, we take prompt and deliberate action to address the unacceptable behavior.

So that we can measure and track our progress toward inclusion, in 2019 we conducted a baseline inclusion survey of our employees and follow-up sessions to better understand our starting point. The findings of our survey were shared with leaders in every function as we take next steps on this important—and imperative—journey. Through the research, we identified three key priorities:

  • Ensuring that leaders at GM become more intentional about their responsibility for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within our company, for mitigating potential bias and for championing the Employee Resource Groups and their initiatives.
  • Increasing transparency among internal and external stakeholders so that we can acknowledge our progress, as well as areas of opportunity, and create actionable plans for improvement.
  • Facilitating opportunities for employees to forge difficult but necessary conversations around social and racial topics that help us advance toward our inclusion vision.

These three areas factor significantly within our broader corporate strategy, and we look forward to updating our stakeholders on our progress.

Fostering Dialogue

GM ERGs help guide our strategy and understanding of important issues surrounding equity. In 2020, the GM African Ancestry Network, for example, hosted a dialogue between GM leaders about systemic racism within our society and how we as a company can work to break down barriers and contribute to meaningful change.

Similarly, the GM Asian Connections hosts monthly networking events for employees to have authentic and candid conversations on topics that bring awareness to people's lived experiences. As GM employees continued to work from home due to COVID-19, these networking opportunities evolved into webinars where participation rates increased exponentially as employees spoke directly to and asked questions of GM leaders across all business functions.

Gender Equity

GM has long been a global leader in advocating for women’s equity in the workplace, with women in 30% of our top management positions within two levels of the CEO. We have been recognized by organizations such as Equileap and the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for gender equality in the corporate sector.

We are committed to equal pay practices. Our commitment to the Obama Administration’s Equal Pay Pledge, which GM signed in 2016, reflects the value we place on gender pay equity and a welcoming workplace that values the contributions of all employees, and our shared belief that employees’ protected categories, including gender, should not factor into compensation decisions. We believe that fair and equitable pay should be an essential element of any successful business model, and we are proud to stand with other companies that share this same value. As part of this commitment, GM has a rigorous annual process that involves measuring pay equity and making adjustments whenever unaccounted-for discrepancies are found.

We have instituted innovative programs to help increase representation of qualified women, including:

  • The GM WOMEN ERG offers a variety of programming, including facilitating communication with GM’s senior leader women and organizing mentorship and coaching sessions. This continuous offering of tools and resources supports members’ professional and personal success and helps GM attract, develop and retain qualified women.
  • GM Ally Program, created by GM WOMEN, helps us build advocacy for sponsoring and mentoring women—knowing both women and men must contribute to make an impact. The program has an extensive training curriculum that includes understanding unconscious bias, the challenges women face in the workplace and how to put allyship into action. To date, more than 100 cross-functional allies have been trained and have witnessed the difference advocacy makes in better supporting women’s advancement.
  • Global GM Women Councils are aligned around common strategic pillars focused on women’s development, increasing sales to women consumers and supporting communities. In 2020, there were 11 global women’s councils representing 17 countries. The councils convene quarterly to share best talent, culture and marketplace practices.
  • GM Women’s Bootcamp engages high-performing women across functions to accelerate their development to take on increasing roles in the organization, by focusing on knowledge, skills and tools to grow, build up leadership competencies and develop self-awareness, while encouraging long-term performance and growth by focusing on the whole person.
  • The Society of Women Engineers (SWE), of which GM is a prominent supporter, is a global advocate for women in engineering and technology. GM leaders regularly present at and attend SWE events. When SWE launched its first Global Affiliate in Korea in 2020, GM hosted the launch ceremony at our Bupyeong headquarters.

Approximate number of GM Plus members identifying themselves as LGBTQ allies.

LGBTQ Equity

GM is committed to the LGBTQ community. The company has a strong antidiscrimination policy that protects LGBTQ employees at GM. We also recognize the need for a federal standard that guarantees these protections for LGBTQ individuals everywhere. GM applauds the U.S. Supreme Court's June 2020 decision that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBTQ individuals from discrimination. And GM is proud to have become a signatory to the Business Coalition for the Equality Act, in support of federal legislation that provides the same workplace protections to LGBTQ people as are provided to other protected groups under federal law.

GM PLUS, the ERG focused on LGBTQ inclusion, encourages allyship as one of the ways people can act, with about half of its over 1,000 members identifying as allies. In 2020, GM PLUS organized a Blue Table Talk video session during Pride Month, during which panelists discussed their experiences as out employees in the company, the need for empathy, the importance of psychological safety and how that plays out in the workplace. The GM PLUS ERG works closely with human resources and public policy to advocate for LGBTQ issues and policy changes.

Equity for People with Disabilities

The inclusion of people with disabilities, visible and invisible, helps drive innovation for our customers and our employees. GM is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for employees in need. Reasonable accommodations come in many forms and, depending on the circumstances, can include adaptive equipment, screen reader software, on-site service animals, alternate parking locations and flexible work arrangements.

GM offers a training course and resources for employees on disability inclusion in the workplace. The course includes real stories from GM employees and is designed to educate our workforce on how they can promote disability inclusion in their work and daily lives. It also explains why it’s important for U.S. employees to self-disclose any disabilities that may affect their work so that GM can explore the availability of reasonable workplace accommodations.

In addition, GM Able ERG plays an important role in increasing awareness and understanding of people with disabilities. In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month and National Caretakers Month, GM Able organized a discussion around the challenges and rewards that come with caring for and living with a person with a disability.

GM offers a training course and resources on disability inclusion in the workplace for employees.

Veterans Support

GM and our brands are long-time supporters of our armed forces, with veterans making up nearly 6% of our workforce and approximately 90 current active service members working for the company. We show our appreciation for their service in a number of ways, including the Wingman program, a long-term mentorship program to support veterans’ transition into the GM workforce. GM also offers the best military discount program of its kind for active duty, reserve and retired members of the military who purchase GM vehicles, and donates to causes that support and honor veterans, such as the Stephen Siller Tunnels to Towers Foundation and the National Native American Veterans Memorial.