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Talent Acquisition

Developing Talented People

Our recruitment efforts are at the center of GM’s mission to become the most inclusive company in the world.

It is essential to attract talent with diversity of thought and critical technical skillsets as we look to realize our EV future. The GM talent acquisition team combines their expertise in recruitment with various outreach strategies, including market analysis, sourcing, talent marketing and communications to generate relevant, effective candidate interactions that contribute to GM hiring the best, most qualified individuals.

With our corporate focus of delivering a better, safer and more equitable future for everyone, a critical need is in-demand tech talent to support our accelerated pace of reinventing the customer experience and bringing new innovations to market.

In 2020, we announced a hiring surge which would bring thousands of new employees into our engineering, design and IT functions in early 2021. These openings are just the beginning of a larger, ongoing effort to acquire the right mix of talent that will further enable the necessary speed and agility required to advance the development of self-driving and electric vehicles and advanced platforms like the Ultium Platform. As these technical skillsets are also highly competitive, we continue to work with our internal partners to develop ways to best compete and attract talent to our company, such as offering remote work options.

College students and recent graduates remain an important source of talented recruits. Historically, student recruitment efforts used a relationship-based model, strategically focusing on about two dozen colleges and universities. In 2019, we embraced the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition and transitioned to a fully virtual recruitment process enabled by innovative software platforms. This transition allowed us to not only be prepared to effectively work through many unanticipated circumstances during 2020, including the COVID-19 pandemic, but successfully attract an even more diverse candidate pool of qualified new hires coming from more than 300 different institutions nationwide.

We are also committed to increasing the variety of highly skilled talent at GM and recognize that there are many pathways to success. We actively look for ways to widen opportunities for qualified individuals with varied backgrounds, skillsets and experience levels, to engage with and consider a future with us. One of the steps we have recently taken is joining OneTen, a coalition of 35 companies and leaders that aim to train, hire and advance 1 million Black Americans over the next 10 years into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement.