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Starting New
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On the Right

Five continents. 173,000 employees. An array of leading global brands. GM is a large and multifaceted company, and its complexity can be hard for a new hire to appreciate, especially if they are a recent college graduate still determining the direction of their career. While we continue to hire new grads in large numbers for direct positions in GM, we also recognize the benefits of exposing employees to a variety of functional areas within their first few years of employment.

Up to 1,200 GM employees participate in the TRACK program each year

That’s why we offer the Technical Rotation and Career Knowledge (TRACK) program, which allows recent college graduates to explore a variety of career paths at GM, make connections across the company and prepare for success early in their careers. Candidates can apply to the program in one of 11 functional areas, ranging from design to human resources.

TRACK is designed to offer three eight-month job rotations, but assignments may vary based on an employee’s interests. Between rotation cycles, GM helps new employees choose their next position, offering surveys, interviews with managers and a career fair where participants can learn about open positions.

TRACK is not only an opportunity for graduates to learn technical skills, but also a chance to build interpersonal skills and grow their networks. Says Adam Thompson, a former GPS TRACK engineer who now works as a calibration engineer for battery state estimation, “I think the soft skills are some of the biggest skills I gained in TRACK. I learned to facilitate conversations, lead meetings and speak up when necessary.”

The majority of GM’s early career workforce completes their first years at GM in the TRACK program, which supports between 800 and 1,200 participants every year. We believe that this program is not only creating more skilled and engaged employees today, but strengthening our organization for the future.