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General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra speaking out against racism and injustice at City Hall in Detroit, Michigan.

Our Aspiration:
Be The Most
Company In
The World

In the days following the homicide of George Floyd in Minneapolis, shock and protests reverberated throughout the country and around the world.

CEO Mary Barra moved decisively to communicate GM’s position to our employees around the world. Her message stated unequivocally GM’s intolerance of racism and injustice while also setting a bold aspiration: to be the most inclusive company in the world. “Let’s stop asking ‘why’ and start asking ‘what.’ What are we going to do?”

Specifically, Barra reaffirmed GM’s unwavering position on the following:

  • We commit to inclusion — that means creating the conditions where every single human who believes in inclusion is welcome within our walls.
  • We unequivocally condemn intolerance — that means racism, bigotry, discrimination and any other form of named or unnamed hatred.
  • We stand up against injustice — that means taking the risk of expressing an unpopular or polarizing point of view, because complacency and complicity sit in the shadow of silence.

Barra also announced that by the end of second quarter 2020, she would commission and chair an Inclusion Advisory Board of both internal and external leaders. The Board’s initial purpose will be to consult with GM’s Senior Leadership Team with the long-term goal of inspiring the company to be the most inclusive in the world. She concluded the message by reminding all that awareness leads to dialogue... dialogue leads to understanding... and understanding leads to change.

It has never been more clear that what we at GM are doing to advance equity and inclusion is not enough. The following pages outline where we are now. We’re not satisfied with the progress that we have made, and we commit to being radically transparent about the work that must be done internally, with our supply chain and beyond, to become the most inclusive company in the world. While we are proud of the role we’ve played in expanding opportunities for women in manufacturing and STEM-related fields, we will build on this and do the hard work required to expand equity and inclusion for other underrepresented groups.

Inclusion Advisory Board

IAB Members

  • Mary Barra: Chairman and CEO, GM (Chair)
  • Tonya Allen: President, McKnight Foundation
    (as of February 2021)
  • Dennis Archer, Jr: CEO, Ignition Media Group and President, Archer Corporate Service
  • Kim Brycz: Senior Vice President,
    Global Human Resources, GM
  • Craig Buchholz: Senior Vice President,
    Global Communications, GM
  • Arden Hoffman: Chief People Officer, Cruise
  • Todd Ingersoll: President and CEO,
    Ingersoll Auto of Danbury, and GM
    Minority Dealer Advisory Council Member
  • Gerald Johnson: Executive Vice President,
    Global Manufacturing, GM
  • Telva McGruder: Chief Diversity, Equity and
    Inclusion Officer
  • Mark Reuss: President, GM
  • Matt Tsien: Executive Vice President and
    Chief Technology Officer, GM

Guiding Principles of the IAB

Our Words

  • We believe that everyone has the responsibility to speak up in the presence of bias and injustice in our world. We will listen and engage in conversations that elevate our collective understanding and inform our actions to address inequality.
  • We will not be silent. We will leverage the voice of GM and our brands to contribute to the dialogue condemning injustice and driving inclusion.

Our Deeds

  • Our words will be supported by actions. We will build on current alliances and establish new ones to advocate for and achieve equality in social justice, education, health care and economic opportunities for blacks and other marginalized groups.
  • We believe our partners should reflect our values. Therefore, those who represent us, do business with us or choose to align with us must take action to demonstrate the same level of commitment.

Our Culture

  • We will hold ourselves accountable to set the example for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We will create a safe environment where difference and diversity are respected, valued and reflected in how we recruit, hire, develop and promote.
  • We will ensure a more transparent workplace environment that is safe, respectful, free from fear, and promotes and delivers real and measurable outcomes.