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The Mark of Customer Excellence award embodies our commitment to putting the customer at the center of everything we do.

The Mark of Customer Excellence (MoCE) award embodies our commitment to putting the customer at the center of everything we do, recognizing those who go above and beyond to live our cultural values and create amazing experiences for our customers. The award honors moments that can happen at any time, from in the office at work on a project to out in one’s community. The award is open to all GM employees in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and awards are given each quarter at GM’s Quarterly Earnings Broadcast. In 2019 MoCE honorees included:

The GM de México team, who developed a communications plan to help customers and drivers through a gasoline shortage crisis in Mexico City. In early 2019, seven states in Mexico experienced gasoline shortages after the government closed main pipelines in an effort to stop illegal gasoline theft. This created long lines of drivers at the gas pump and uncertainty about where fuel could be purchased. The GM team deployed social media hashtags — #ReporteGas (“gas report”) and #DondeHayGas (“where there’s gas”) — on Twitter and Instagram to help residents request and receive status reports on where fuel was available. And, by taking to the streets in the Bolt EV with 4G LTE connectivity, the team members were able to provide real-time information about which gas stations had fuel, wait times and estimated times that stations would receive more fuel. On the second day of the crisis, #ReporteGas became a trending topic, ultimately generating 43 million impressions with a following of more than 1 million people.

Ladell Willis, a district manager for Chevrolet Aftersales who helped a customer visit her mother for Mother’s Day. Willis was visiting Gerry Lane Chevrolet in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to help host a vehicle inspection event. That’s when he encountered a customer at the dealership for an oil change who was told her vehicle had a few service issues that needed to be addressed. Furthermore, she was informed that her vehicle’s battery was nearing the end of its life. The customer, who recently faced personal hardships, was not able to afford a new battery, and was troubled because she was planning a lengthy drive to Texas to visit her mother for Mother’s Day. Ladell stepped up and paid for her battery out of his own pocket — despite having goodwill tools available. When the customer offered to repay Ladell, he refused to accept. It was a gesture that moved the customer, as well as dealer employees, to tears.

The Midsize Truck Fleet and Program team who made safety a priority and saved a valuable customer relationship. Like GM, many of our Fleet customers make safety an overriding priority. When it came time for two major customers to order more midsize trucks, Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) was a must-have feature. It was not available, however, on the current generation Chevrolet Colorado, but, rather, on the midsize trucks offered by two competitors. The shared sentiment for safety, and potential for customers to take their business elsewhere created quite the challenge, and opportunity, for the GM Fleet team. John Schwegman, Director of Midsize Pickup and Commercial Product, began working with Jaclyn McQuaid, Executive Chief Engineer, to identify a cost-effective solution to engineer standard AEB into 2021 model-year Colorado vehicles for our Fleet customers. Once the solution was identified, the responsibility to execute the revised specification required the commitment and action of the Program Control System Integration team. Despite several engineering resource constraints and the existing plan to integrate AEB into the 2023 model-year Colorado, the team’s actions helped meet the needs of fleet customers and demonstrated that safety is a top priority for GM and our customers.