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Vision & Values

ESG Management

Our Vision

We Are General Motors

We see a world with
ZERO crashes,
ZERO emissions and
ZERO congestion

We are committed to SAFETY in everything we do.

We earn CUSTOMERS for life.

We build BRANDS that inspire passion and loyalty.

We translate breakthrough TECHNOLOGIES into vehicles and experiences that people love.

We create SUSTAINABLE solutions that improve the COMMUNITIES in which we live and work.

Our Values

How We Behave

Be Inclusive

I create moments every day that value backgrounds, opinions and ideas that may be different than my own.

Think Customer

I consider the customers' needs in everything I do.

Innovate Now

I see things not as they are but as they could be.

Look Ahead

I make decisions now with the long-term view in mind and I anticipate what lies ahead.

One Team

I collaborate cross-functionally to achieve enterprise-wide results.

Be Bold

I respectfully speak up, exchange feedback and boldly share ideas without fear.

It’s On Me

I take accountability for safety and my own actions, behaviors and results.

Win With Integrity

I have a relentless desire to win and do it with integrity.


We put the customer at the center of everything we do. We listen intently to our customers’ needs. Each interaction matters. Safety and quality are foundational commitments, never compromised.


We act with integrity. We are driven by ingenuity and innovation. We have the courage to do and say what’s difficult. Each of us take accountability for results, drive for continued efficiencies and have the tenacity to win.


Our success depends on our relationships inside and outside the company. We encourage diverse thinking and collaboration from the world to create great customer experiences.

Seek Truth

We pursue facts, responsibly challenge assumptions and clearly define objectives. When we disagree, we provide additional context and consider multiple perspectives.