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ESG Strategy

ESG Management

General Motors’ strategy is to deliver safe and responsible transportation solutions for our customers. In doing so, we’ll work toward realizing our vision of a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion while working to become the most inclusive company in the world.

Our strategy reflects today’s transportation revolution that is transforming how people move, an effect similar to the debut of the automobile more than a century ago. The technologies leading this transformation of personal mobility will be autonomous, electric, connected and shared. We are focused on initiatives that capitalize on these new technologies and business models to create products, offer services and advocate for policies that look at transportation as a system and mobility as a service.

Our ESG strategy is fully integrated into GM’s growth strategy, a 360-degree view of the business designed around delivering world-class customer interactions. The strategy is our compass for pursuing our vision of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion. While much of this strategy is based on product leadership in electric and self-driving vehicles, it is designed to benefit our stakeholders within the company and beyond to the communities where we live and work. Its success is highly dependent upon building a diverse, equitable and inclusive team and providing them with a healthy and safe work environment.

Our Business Growth Model

ESG Strategy Execution

We lead sustainability at the enterprise level to ensure a holistic approach across the company. Our Chief Sustainability Officer directs initiatives through a Sustainability Office. This Office is charged with working cross-functionally to ensure responsible consumption of materials and production of vehicles; to lead the strategic design and implementation of our EV infrastructure; and to engage both internal and external stakeholders to realize a zero-emissions future.

Our Sustainability Office uses a “team of teams” approach to ensure that areas across the enterprise have accountability for their respective functions’ role in accelerating the company’s vision. Within each functional area, a single leadership point represents sustainability objectives and priorities, as well as owning sustainability goals and metrics. The teams focus on all aspects of sustainability, both environmental and social. For example, a representative from engineering who sources cobalt for battery development works with the representative from supply chain to ensure cobalt is sourced in an ethical manner that respects human rights.

A Team of Teams Approach

Sustainability Office leaders are charged with innovating and advocating for the acceleration of our zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion vision. This work is initially centered around areas of focus that include climate change, reductions in natural resource consumption, increases in operational efficiency and supplier engagement. To manage and measure progress over the next decade, the team has worked to introduce a bold and comprehensive set of enterprise goals (see page X). These goals represent a decade of progress in which our focus has broadened from our operations to include both GM products and our supply chain in order to deliver the most meaningful and positive impact possible.


Deliver world class customer interactions


Create a culture committed to health, safety and sustainability leadership


Strive for a diverse, equitable and inclusive team


Expand manufacturing capabilities and operational excellence

Sustainability Office

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