Stakeholder Engagement

Collaborating to Move
Humanity Forward

Our success depends on relationships inside and outside the company. This core value drives engagement with our stakeholders, who we have identified as customers, both individual and fleet; investors and analysts; employees, both current and potential new talent; suppliers, Tier I and beyond; dealers and dealer councils; communities in which we operate; governments at the national, state/provincial and local levels; and environmental and social nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

We engage these stakeholders in a variety of ways, all with the goal of sharing information and informing business decisions with meaningful dialogue. Brand marketing, investor relations, global purchasing, human resources, labor relations and government relations are some of the GM functions that engage stakeholders on a regular basis to understand and address concerns, as well as to advance social and environmental goals. Forms of engagement include, but are not limited to, quantitative consumer research studies, stakeholder focus groups, congressional testimony, blog posts and community meetings.

For the past nine years, our global sustainability team also has engaged with an external sustainability stakeholder advisory group that is coordinated through Ceres, a nonprofit organization advocating for corporate sustainability leadership. Members of this group include NGOs, socially conscious investors, peer companies, fleet customers and suppliers, all of whom provide external perspective on GM strategy and priorities.

ESG Interest From Investors

We continue to see increased interest in nonfinancial issues from investors who believe that these issues and positive contributions to society can be important to long-term performance. In response, we are engaging with investors more often on these topics so that both GM’s financial and nonfinancial performance can be considered together. As an example, in early 2019, a GM team — including our CEO, CFO, corporate secretary, and director of investor relations, as well as GM’s lead independent director and the chair of the Board’s governance and corporate responsibility committee — conducted briefings with some of our largest shareholders. Topics included corporate governance, company culture, workplace and vehicle safety, and diversity and inclusion.

Strategic Relationships

Our regular engagement with stakeholders demonstrates the effectiveness of our strategy to work with the most impactful organizations and pursue meaningful partnerships around sustainability issues that are critical to our business. Throughout this report, we document many of these relationships. Here are some representative examples:

Vehicle Safety

National Highway
Traffic Safety
Our Management Approach to Safety

Distracted Driving
The PEERS Foundation
Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
Minimize Distracted Driving Through Partnerships Use Positive Peer Pressure to Change Behavior

EV Charging

Various Utility Partners
Our Management Approach to Products

ISSUE: Fuel Economy
U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency
National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration
Sustainability Strategy Our Management Approach to Products Call for a U.S. National Zero Emissions Vehicle Program

EV Awareness

Drive Change, Drive Electric
Raise Public Awareness of EVs

EV Fast Charging

Consumers Energy, EVgo,
ChargePoint, Greenlots
U.S. Department of Energy
Products: Aspire Enhance Customers’ Charging Experience

Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Ford, Toyota,
SAE International
Help Ensure Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Responsible Supply Chain

Automotive Industry
Action Group
National Institute of
Standards and Technology
International Automotive
Task Force
Our Management Approach to Supply Chain

Sustainable Natural Rubber

World Business Council on Sustainable Development Tire Industry Project - Global Platform for Sustainable
Natural Rubber
Encourage Progress on Sustainable Natural Rubber

Conflict Minerals
& Cobalt

Responsible Minerals Initiative
Manage Raw Material Supply Chain Risks

Labor Relations

United Autoworkers
Our Management Approach to Talent


CEO Action for
Diversity & Inclusion
Our Management Approach to Talent Honor Diversity Across GM

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
Buyers Alliance
Our Management Approach to Operations Procure Wind Power to Meet Our Renewable Goal