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Enlist ERGs to Create Business Value

Employee resource groups provide a critical way for people to connect—and help GM reach new customers.

of GM employees
are involved in one
of our 10 ERGs

GM supports 10 employee resource groups (ERGs) for minority communities, veterans, women and new hires. These groups not only serve to bring employees together; they drive business results that help GM brands grow and reach new customers.

The GM Chinese Employee Resource Group (CERG), for example, helped create an opportunity for Buick in response to an unusual trend: while Buick is one of the most popular automobile brands in China, Chinese immigrants do not tend to bring that brand affinity with them when they move to the United States. CERG helped Buick connect with a local Chinese-American community through a pilot ride and drive, called “Buick Drive for Your Students,” at the American Chinese School of Greater Detroit. Because Chinese schools often serve as community centers, CERG knew it could build awareness among a large number of Chinese-American parents there and start a relationship between the individuals and a local dealer.

Suburban Buick of Troy provided Buick vehicles and employees to support the event. Together, the dealer employees and CERG members acted as Buick ambassadors and spoke with more than 1,000 members of the community. They also assisted with more than 200 Buick ride and drives. In addition to introducing the community to its vehicles, Buick also pledged a donation to the school for each ride and drive that took place.

William Tiger

ERG members also provide important outreach to the next generation of automotive engineers. GM Lockport Plant Manager William Tiger has always been passionate about engaging students and showing them what type of jobs are available to those who study STEM. Through the years, Tiger has also reached out to the Native American community in several states to showcase the vocational opportunities within GM. In recognition of these efforts, the American Indian Science & Engineering Society recently awarded him its Professional of the Year Award.

“When I received word about the award, I was stunned and humbled,” said Tiger, “Then I felt proud as I realized this would be a great opportunity to showcase General Motors’ commitment to the Native American community and the teamwork in GM’s Native American Cultural Network. But most of all, it would be an opportunity to maybe help inspire other Natives to work hard and look for ways to give back to our community.”

We continue to host GM Women, also known as the Affinity Group for Women (AGW), as one of our employee resource groups with chapters around the world. GM policies and practices are also closely aligned with the Women’s Empowerment Principles.

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