Traci Fiorini and colleague Andrew Kneifel are Campus Leads for GM2020 in Pontiac.


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Traci Fiorini first experienced GM as an intern. More than a decade later, she faces new challenges as leader of an engineering group.

Engineering Group Manager Traci Fiorini was drawn to a career at GM after spending three exciting summers as an intern at the dyno lab in Powertrain, now known as Global Propulsion Systems (GPS). She learned the fundamentals of engineering through hands-on experience, and the constant challenge made her decision easy when she was offered a full-time job at GM.

Fast-forward over a decade, and Fiorini leads her team in providing the laboratory and testing support for the development and validation of GPS products that are many years out, including those that go into the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Diesel Cruze and Camaro ZL1. Her team also develops global lab software that allows them to share work with the other GPS engineering centers around the world. While the technologies she is building and the culture of GM have changed greatly in her time with the company, Fiorini also appreciates what hasn’t changed: the chance to work on a new challenge every day she comes to work.

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