Kristen Siemen, Executive Director, Global Thermal/HVAC Engineering at GM, mentors Take 2 interns returning to the workforce.


Help Professionals Relaunch Their Careers

The Take 2 program helps ease the transition back into the workplace with 12-week internships that help people refresh their skills.

GM’s Take 2 program, which provides training and development opportunities for experienced professionals returning to the workforce after taking a career break of two or more years, has expanded greatly since its 2016 launch.

Positions for 2017 sessions were available in Southeast Michigan, Phoenix, Austin and Atlanta, and for the first time, Canada. Also new in 2017, GM sought marketing professionals for the program, in addition to engineering, IT, manufacturing, finance and customer care experts.

The 12-week paid program serves as an “audition” that prepares experienced interns for a full-time career in one of several fields at GM through training, professional development and networking opportunities. In all, 6,200 applicants applied for positions during 2017. Of these applicants, 51 were selected to “re-launch” their careers through Take 2. Ultimately, 44 professionals were hired, including two males, though the program primarily targets women, veterans and minorities looking for a return to full-time careers. The career “gap” for those participating ranges from as little as two years to as many as 25 years.

The GM Talent Acquisition team has created a new, formal designation of employee type for people who join GM through this program. “Relaunchers” receive a customized employee onboarding experience, including a specialized online portal and orientation, a cross-functional cohort immersion day and mentors who support them throughout their internships. “Our goal is to offer full-time positions upon completion of the program,” says Adela Vinot, Take 2 program manager. “In order to do that, it’s our job to provide them with the tools and support to help them be successful.”

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