How GM Shares Their Values

A Conversation With One of Our Newest.

In today’s competitive technology environment, why does a candidate say “yes” to GM? Here are some insights from one of our recent hires, Isaac Finger, who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

What sort of work are you involved in?

Currently, I’m working in Vehicle Engineering as a computer-aided engineer in the area of exterior and trim, analyzing such things as stress and impact.

What attracted you to the automotive sector?

My Dad was a mechanic, so I grew up around grease and rags. I’ve always been interested in product design and have enjoyed working on optimization problems. Being an engineer at GM gives me the opportunity to tackle unique opportunities in design, cost, manufacturing, sustainability, etc. every day.

What attributes were most important to you when considering a company to join?

Certainly, benefits—pay, location, vacation, etc.—were important, I was more interested in joining a company with a strong design direction. When I was interviewing, GM was rolling out an extremely well-balanced portfolio of cars that I was excited about. The Buick Avista concept car has an amazing design theme that captivated my attention and got me excited about the future of Buick; the C7 Corvette is a jaw-dropper, and, of course, I am a huge fan of the Camaro.

Now that you have some experience with GM, what makes you want to develop a career here?

GM has everything I want from a career perspective—the opportunity to experience multiple segments of the company, a diverse workplace, good benefits and a healthy work-life balance.

How would you describe GM’s culture?

Today, it’s relatively conventional, but it’s rapidly transitioning to one that pushes the envelope and expects its employees to lead in daring and innovative ways—the type of company that can change the world.

What programs and tools are you finding helpful to your professional development?

Networking through JumpStart and GM’s new recognition platform have been very helpful. GM is supportive if you decide to pursue further education, which is something I see myself taking advantage of soon.

What has surprised you most about working for GM?

It’s easy to talk with leadership, and they are interested in your feedback, be it positive or negative. I’m also impressed with the efforts and investments we are putting into autonomous and electrified vehicles. It makes me very proud to be at GM.

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