We recognize that attracting and engaging top talent requires not only challenging work, but work-life benefits that consider employees’ health and well-being.


Promote Employee Wellness and Balance

New well-being programs help GM employees stay healthy and balance work with other priorities in their lives.

GM recognizes the benefits of a healthy workforce, including its role in attracting, retaining and engaging with talent. As part of our global well-being strategy, we have established health and well-being programs at the regional and local levels around the world. These programs and benefits include:

UAW-GM LifeSteps™

The LifeSteps employee wellness program helps employees take an active role in their health. It provides U.S. salaried employees and their eligible family members with a broad range of tools for health education, risk identification, personal coaching, goal setting and tracking. Users can access this information using a dedicated program website and receive monthly communications on health topics such as nutrition, fitness and stress management.

When employees achieve agreed-upon objectives for a healthy lifestyle, such as providing certification of an annual preventive physical exam, they can receive cash incentives and/or Health Savings Account contributions. In 2017, 84 percent of eligible employees received this LifeSteps incentive.

Fitness Facilities

GM has numerous facilities with on-site fitness centers, group exercise classes and/or walking paths. Membership to on-site fitness facilities is managed at the local level, and most are offered free of charge or deeply subsidized. Using the GM Savings Marketplace, all GM contractors, employees and retirees can access discounts on fitness apparel, equipment and health clubs.

Benefits like flexible work arrangements and paid parental leave allow employees to balance their jobs with other priorities.

Flexible Working Arrangements

GM places more emphasis on accomplishing work-related tasks than on spending a certain number of hours in the office. This improves employees’ work-life balance and enables them to address personal needs while still completing their work.

In job assignments that are compatible, and with leadership approval, we allow flextime scheduling to accommodate individuals who prefer to start their workday early, as well as those who have reasons for working late. GM also allows telecommuting arrangements through which employees complete work away from a GM worksite and connect with their coworkers through email, telephone and web meetings. This can be an effective work arrangement for individuals who face a long commute between their home and worksite, or those who have personal responsibilities that require their presence at home for specific periods of time.

Paid Parental Leave

Through GM Paid Parental Leave (GMPPL), GM also provides two weeks of parental leave, paid at 100 percent, to assist mothers, fathers and adoptive parents in the child bonding process. The policy applies to all U.S. salaried employees immediately upon hire and must be taken within 12 months of birth, adoption or surrogacy. For birth mothers, the leave is intended to be taken following the time provided for birth and delivery. Birth mothers are also eligible to apply for up to two years of Dependent Care Leave, which, while unpaid, provides a job guarantee for up to a year.

Health Concerns Hotline

GM recognizes there is more to health and wellness than exercise and nutrition. We also provide resources for issues like substance abuse, spousal abuse, stress and depression. A toll-free phone number and website are monitored by trained professionals 24/7 and are available in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

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