GM employees learn about fire protection during our annual Global Safety Week.


Reinforce a Companywide Safety Culture

Product safety and workplace safety activities came together for the first time in 2017 for our annual Global Safety Week.

Our mission is to keep our workforce, including contractors and others at our facilities, and our customers safe, but for one week a year we shine an even brighter spotlight on safety. During annual Global Safety Week, we encourage each of our sites across the globe to identify their greatest local safety needs and raise awareness about the importance of safety.

For the first time in 2017, product safety and workplace safety week activities were combined. Events included an interactive town hall with remarks from CEO Mary Barra and product and safety leaders on how GM is keeping our customers and employees safe every day. Select employees around the world shared stories about making safety personal for themselves, their coworkers and our customers. Participants were encouraged to use the town hall’s video and chat features to ask questions and make comments during the broadcast.

Employees at the GM China campus in Shanghai focused on workplace safety with training on chemical emergencies, personal protection equipment, fire protection and safety contract management. GM China honored several Safety Heroes who had taken action to make the company and its employees safer, and employees signed posters pledging to make a personal commitment to safety, act with a safety mindset and help drive a strong safety culture across the company.

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