Chevrolet Bolt EV.


Drive EV Demand Through Marketing

An important piece of the EV growth puzzle is consumer demand. Ambitious advertising and marketing campaigns are helping raise awareness.

Electric vehicles are
expected to be
of new car sales
by 2040, up from
1 percent of
sales today
—IHS Markit

A critical way to increase sales of electric vehicles (EVs)—and thereby achieve our goal of a zero-emissions future—is to drive consumer demand for these products. GM is moving the needle by investing heavily in marketing and advertising of our electric and hybrid-electric vehicles and building relationships that will help drive EV awareness and acceptance.

In 2017, the Chevrolet Bolt EV led Chevy vehicles in total media spend per vehicle and was number three in overall advertising spend, even though the Bolt EV ranks only 10th in sales volume among Chevrolet vehicles. This spending supported a full multimedia campaign, exposure programs for dealers, a customer relationship management program, ride and drive opportunities for influencers and customers and the Chevy EV Life website, designed to answer questions about driving electric for all levels of EV customers. Partnerships with GM Fleet, as well as the popularity of Bolt EVs with Maven customers, are further increasing interest—since February 2017, Bolt EVs in ride-sharing services across seven cities have given over 1 million rides to consumers who otherwise may not have had any exposure to EVs.

These efforts delivered. In 2017, the Chevrolet Bolt EV was the nation’s best-selling affordable battery electric vehicle.

Chevy EV Life website.

Because building consumer demand for EVs is so critical, we are working to better understand current and prospective EV owners with several targeted research initiatives. For example, we used the existing Chevrolet Mystery Shopper process to gain insight into customers’ EV sales experience. A survey of Bolt EV owners who purchased vehicles within the first months that the Bolt EV was available, compared to those who purchased later, revealed steady improvements in customer satisfaction with dealers. The survey also provided greater understanding of the demographics of Bolt EV owners, which will allow us to better focus future advertising and marketing efforts.

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