Solar arrays at Bowling Green, Kentucky Assembly.


Make Progress Toward Our Renewable
Energy Commitment

Through power purchase agreements and industry engagement, we are drawing closer to our goal of becoming 100 percent renewable.

As GM works toward advancing zero-emissions vehicles, it makes business sense to create a cleaner grid on which to power them. That’s why we have pledged to become 100 percent renewable by 2050. By the end of 2018, renewable energy will power 20 percent of GM’s global electricity use. That milestone is due in part to two power purchase agreements to supply all of the electricity for our Ohio and Indiana manufacturing facilities—including those that build the Chevrolet Cruze and Silverado and GMC Sierra light-duty pickup trucks—with wind energy. The agreements, totaling 200 megawatts, double GM’s existing 199.8 megawatts of sourced renewable energy capacity.

We have pledged to become 100 percent renewable by 2050

Reaching our renewable goal depends on a thriving renewable energy sector, which we are actively promoting. In early 2018, we became one of the first participants in a new renewable energy program for large businesses established by Consumers Energy, the state of Michigan’s largest energy provider. Through this program, 100 percent of the electricity used at Flint Metal Center and Flint Engine operations is matched with wind power, which helps defray the cost of renewable energy for other consumers. “Corporations have a leadership opportunity to help accelerate and scale renewable energy, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone,” said Dane Parker, Vice President, Global Facilities and Environment.

We are also a member of RE100, a global collaborative initiative backed by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP. RE100 brings together companies that have made commitments to use 100 percent renewable energy in their operations to share best practices and demonstrate the increased demand for clean power. GM is one of only three automakers, and the only one in North America, that has made the RE100 pledge.

Our commitment has inspired us to publicly share our renewable energy blueprint, a collection of best practices for accelerating and scaling a renewable energy plan. The blueprint outlines the four pillars of GM’s renewable energy strategy:

Focus First on Energy Efficiency

By reducing energy use overall, there will be fewer electricity needs to be covered by renewable sources. GM uses an energy management system and performance contracts to achieve energy-reduction goals.

Procure Renewable Energy

GM’s renewable energy mix combines physical and virtual power purchase agreements and onsite renewable energy projects, such as solar arrays and landfill gas projects. We continue to explore new opportunities, such as community solar.

Pursue Energy Storage

GM has rich expertise in battery and fuel cell development, furthered by its operation of the largest battery systems lab of any North American automaker. This expertise enables holistic thinking to align GM's energy and product strategies. Additionally, as we explore ways to reuse our EV batteries as energy storage for our operations, we are integrating a more circular economy into our operations.

Support Policy Decisions

Working with utility stakeholders is a key to GM’s energy and transportation strategies. Partnerships and collaborations, such as with the Business Renewables Center, also help influence policies that help grow corporate renewable energy use.

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