Scaling up EVs will require collaboration between cities and businesses to deliver smart solutions.

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Solutions for Cities

Cities are helping drive the transition to autonomous, electric vehicles. We engage with policymakers to help them shape the future.

EVs’ popularity among Maven members has provided valuable insights for GM—as well as for cities interested in solving problems ranging from lowering emissions and congestion to improving mobility in “transit deserts.” For example, while there are approximately 200 fast chargers for EVs in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Maven data reveals that customers regularly use only about 20 of them. This sort of information on usage patterns can be shared with city leaders to help drive the intelligent build-out of EV infrastructure.

For example, Maven usage patterns are helping guide infrastructure and transportation developments as part of the City of Los Angeles’ Sustainable City pLAn. We are working with infrastructure providers on building a more effective, robust EV charging network, as well as partnering with each of California’s investor-owned utilities and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power on infrastructure projects that can encourage the use of EVs in the sharing economy. Maven plans to collaborate with additional cities to advance the development of future applications, including a fully electric autonomous network of vehicles tied to mass transportation stations.

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