Maven is collaborating with cities and municipalities to expand smart transportation options that aim to enhance mobility, create jobs and ease parking and congestion.

Personal Mobility

Redefine Car Sharing With Maven

Maven, GM’s personal mobility brand, is helping redefine drivers’ relationships to their vehicles.

A car of one’s own is no longer the only ticket to independence. Due to factors ranging from a desire for more sustainable transit options to mass migration to urban areas, people are thinking about transportation in new ways that go beyond standard vehicle ownership. These drivers still rely on cars for a variety of purposes—but are getting behind the wheel with different needs and expectations than in the past.

Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand, is a response to these changing behaviors and has evolved into one of the fastest-growing mobility brands in North America. Its mobile platform allows both individuals and businesses to access a fully connected fleet of GM vehicles on demand across the United States and Canada. As of the end of May 2018, Maven is now available in 17 cities, with recent expansions into Austin, New York City and Toronto.

The new cars come with technology that allows users to personalize the entire experience. Members bring their digital lives into the vehicles through Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. Maven advisor support is available through OnStar® for questions, roadside assistance and emergency response. SiriusXM™ and 4G LTE Wi-Fi™ allow for a more engaged experience.

Maven makes living car-free or car-light simple and convenient. Members can access vehicles with the capacity and features that meet their needs in the moment—whether for a few hours, a day, a week or a month. The platform consists of four key services:

Maven’s first all-electric fleet of shared vehicles for freelance driving launched in Austin, Texas. Maven Gig vehicles are available for flat weekly rates that include the car, unlimited miles, insurance (minus deductibles) and maintenance.

  • Maven City is Maven’s foundational service—a fully connected, seamless car-sharing experience featuring cars available for on-demand rental.
    Maven Home, which is part of Maven City, is an exclusive car-sharing amenity for residential communities and commercial entities that provides members with 24/7 access to a variety of cars parked right at their building.
  • Maven Gig allows drivers in the sharing economy the freedom to switch between several brands, services and gigs—so they can earn money on their own terms.
  • Maven Reserve, the newest Maven offering, allows members to rent vehicles by the month, with access to a dedicated parking space for the duration of the reservation.
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