The Maven Gig platform is allowing drivers to try out Bolt EVs, with Bolt EV drivers traveling farther, on average, than those driving internal combustion engine vehicles.

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Utilize Maven to Enhance EV Awareness

Chevrolet Bolt EVs are among the most popular vehicles reserved using Maven, allowing more people to experience the freedom of driving electric.

Maven has not only given thousands of members new ways to move; it has introduced GM’s electric vehicles to a broad audience with Chevrolet Volts and Chevrolet Bolt EVs available on demand.

We are committed to bringing Bolt EVs to all Maven Gig markets. Drivers want the Bolt EV because of cost savings as well as helping with energy and environmental goals. The freelance economy is growing, and Maven Gig is growing along with it to provide transportation solutions for freelance drivers.”

Megan Stooke,
Chief Marketing &
Growth Officer, Maven

Bolt EVs have become among Maven’s most-reserved vehicles, and are number-one for Maven Gig drivers in cities where they are available. Maven Gig Bolt EVs have driven approximately 13.20 million all-electric miles saving an estimated 732,000 gallons of gas. For a limited time, Maven Gig drivers are benefiting from free charging via the entire EVgo Freedom Station network throughout California.

Of particular note, drivers of these EVs show no signs of range anxiety. Maven Gig drivers in a Bolt EV travel, on average, 30 percent more miles per day than those in traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Drivers have taken trips from San Francisco to Portland and from San Diego to Los Angeles. They drive, on average, more than half the vehicle range every day.

For Maven Gig members who drive for ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber, Bolt EVs have offered an unexpected up side: an opportunity to connect with passengers. Drivers report that the EVs are conversation starters, with passengers asking questions about the Bolt EV and its features. Maven Gig Bolt EVs have carried some 643,800 ride-sharing passengers—for many, their first ride in an electric vehicle. This outcome is just one example of how GM’s advanced mobility solutions can be mutually reinforcing: shared EVs are putting affordable, emissions-free mobility within reach of people who might not have otherwise had access to a vehicle. At the same time, they are helping increase awareness of EVs and their associated infrastructure.

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