Employees are encouraged to report any potential concerns of misconduct.

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Help Employees Speak Up

Employees can talk to supervisors or use confidential hotlines to share concerns—making it easy for them to speak up.

Employees are encouraged to report any potential concerns of misconduct first to their supervisor, the GECC, HR contact, Legal staff contact or local leadership. In cases where an individual is uncomfortable reporting through established internal channels, reports can be made using our toll-free GM Awareline hotline. The Awareline is operated by an independent third party and allows employees and others to report concerns of misconduct by the company, its management, supervisors, employees or agents. Reports can be made in over a dozen languages 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, by phone, web, email, postal service or fax. Reports may be made anonymously, where permitted by law.

Reports to

Reports made to the Awareline are classified into one of two categories. Category 1 reports generally include incidents of fraud, harassment, theft or discrimination. Category 2 reports are generally comprised of employee/workplace issues, including customer-service complaints, employee-benefits issues and Human Resource–related grievances. Category 1 reports are formally investigated to conclusion. The investigation results are provided to pertinent stakeholders for remediation and corrective action. Category 2 reports are provided to local management for handling. In 2017, GM received approximately 2,470 reports to the Awareline, and approximately 17 percent were classified Category 1.

For potential vehicle safety issues, a special Speak Up For Safety hotline has been established. GM employees and contract workers may also communicate with our independent Monitor anonymously, as permitted by law, or otherwise at any time. The Monitor maintains an independent toll-free phone number for reporting any violation of law or unethical conduct, as well as a globally available online web form. The Monitor’s role supplements, but does not replace, existing established global employee reporting tools, such as GM Awareline and Speak Up For Safety.

Speak Up!, GM’s Non-Retaliation Policy, is intended to protect GM employees from retaliation as a result of raising concerns in good faith. Industry benchmarking data shows that the majority of misconduct reports are made to an employee’s manager. To help our own GM managers in such circumstances and to provide additional guidance regarding GM’s Non-Retaliation policy, the GECC and Global Security teams developed a tool kit on how to address workplace retaliation.

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