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Ensure Customers Get
Quality Repairs

Most car crashes result in the need for vehicle repairs. As advanced technology in vehicles grows more complex, however, so does the complexity of the repairs and the need for repair facilities with a proper knowledge of the technology.

Cadillac Dealers Excel in China

Cadillac was ranked number-one among mainstream luxury brands in the 2018 China Automobile After-Sales Service Consumer Experience Excellent Brand award presented by the China Automobile Dealers Association. Dealers were evaluated on five factors: service consultant, service facility, maintenance quality, maintenance time and maintenance price.

This was the thinking behind the launch in 2018 of the GM Collision Repair Network, which will connect drivers with GM dealers and independent collision repair facilities. After a collision, the Repair Network, combined with OnStar, helps owners locate repair facilities where qualified technicians follow proper repair procedures using original equipment replacement parts.

GM dealerships and independent collision repair facilities who want to join the network must meet requirements for customer service, technical training and equipment. In turn, they gain the backing of GM quality standards to help them get every job done right the first time. The Collision Repair Network will build on GM’s current training and tools-focused programs, while adding standards for pre- and post-repair scanning, repair procedures, calibration and overall repair. Repair facilities in the network should experience reduced time spent on diagnosing and pulling repair procedures — leading to a more streamlined repair process for facilities and customers alike.

Dealers are meeting customers’ needs in China with the CAREMORE service brand, launched by our SAIC-GM joint venture. Working with ACDelco and other partners, CAREMORE extends SAIC-GM’s scope of aftersales service to better meet customer needs and resolve pain points related to quality, service and accessibility.

Incubate Innovative

As we adapt to quickly evolving changes in the mobility space, we recognize that employees across GM have innovative ideas that may benefit our customers — and those employees need support to scale their ideas rapidly. This notion has led to the launch of iHub, a startup within GM product development innovation that serves as both a consultancy and incubator.

As a consultancy, iHub tackles tough problems to improve the GM customer experience. As an incubator, the group provides funding, resources and coaching to scale big ideas. Its signature programs include Synapse, a competition during which GM employee teams solve sponsored challenges to create the future of mobility.

During Synapse 2018, 29 teams were challenged to increase EV adoption by crafting an ownership experience that was aspirational and easy.

During Synapse 2018, 29 teams were challenged to increase EV adoption by crafting an ownership experience that was aspirational and easy. The winning team proposed offering Maven credits to future Bolt EV owners to use gas-powered Maven cars for occasional long-range trips, helping to eliminate the range anxiety that might hold some people back from owning an electric vehicle.

iHub also sponsors BlacktopBuild, a hackathon that gives college students the opportunity to work on real business issues. During the second annual BlacktopBuild, held at the University of California Berkeley, students used machine learning to improve user experience for vehicle infotainment systems.

Celebrate Employees
Who Go the Extra Mile

The Mark of Customer Excellence (MoCE) award embodies our commitment to putting the customer at the center of everything we do, recognizing those who go above and beyond to live our cultural values and create amazing experiences for our customers. The award honors moments that can happen at any time, from in the office at work on a project to out in one’s community. The award is open to all GM employees in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and awards are given each quarter at GM’s Quarterly Earnings Broadcast. A few recent MoCE honorees include:

The team that designed and engineered the GMC MultiPro™ Tailgate. The idea to create an endgate that folded in half for easier access to the pickup box originated in 2011. The effort was shelved at the time, but the team’s desire to innovate continued. The team held a Customer Innovation Clinic to gather input. The MultiPro Tailgate now comes to market on the GMC Sierra as the most innovative pickup tailgate ever, with six functions to accommodate varied customer needs. It has undergone more testing and validation than any other tailgate in GM history.

A cross-functional team that helped lifelong Chevrolet customer Ken Paul regain his freedom. After Paul lost both of his arms in a farming accident, he returned to farming by adapting to prosthetic arms. However, he was not granted a driver’s license due to his inability to turn the steering wheel 360 degrees. GM team members, including Paul’s local Chevy dealer, a district sales manager, brand managers and Canada and U.S. engineering teams, learned about Paul’s story and took action. After extensive collaboration, the engineering team was able to specially calibrate a steering system solution to Paul’s needs, allowing him to earn his driver’s license.

Hank Vandeventer, district manager of aftersales in the South Central Region, who is a one-man advocate for GM’s safety culture. While traveling in Texas, Vandeventer noticed a Pontiac Vibe parked outside a fast-food restaurant. He went inside and asked who the vehicle’s owner was and explained to the owner the importance of having a recall completed. A month later, Vandeventer personally followed up with the customer about the recall and arranged a loaner vehicle for the customer while her vehicle was being serviced. In Vandeventer's words, “It only takes a few minutes to check a recall. Why not do it? It might just save somebody’s life in the long run.”

The Mark of Customer Excellence Award embodies our commitment to putting the customer at the center of everything we do
A New Engineer Puts
Quality First

Mike Faucett, a four-year GM veteran, was a key contributor in achieving best in industry quality levels based on GM’s Body Engineering external quality benchmark. He shares his insights into his team’s work and what it’s like to be part of this success so early in his career.

What is Body Engineering?

It’s the engineering group that handles the exterior components, closures and structure of a vehicle. We take a styled surface from the studio and bring it to production at a GM assembly plant. This involves engineering the detailed parts and following up on concerns regarding design and manufacturing, then working through any issues at launch or current production.

How do you incorporate quality as part of your role?

As a design release engineer (DRE), I spend a lot of time focusing on reducing the opportunity for defects, which translates directly to warranty reduction. I read customer and dealership complaints, analyze returned warranty parts to determine the failure modes and then follow up with our glass suppliers to resolve the issues and prevent future defects.

How did your team contribute to Body Engineering achieving best in industry quality?

Working as One Team was a huge part of achieving best in industry quality levels. It all starts with our engineers holding firm to our best practices in the earliest stages of vehicle development. In the production phase, Supplier Quality provides a ton of support. They work with us and our suppliers to help contain spills and prevent future issues.

My fellow DREs work tirelessly to identify warranty issues or customer complaints on our vehicles, and work with the supply base to ensure that we prevent any defects from recurring. Finally, the plant assembles the parts into a vehicle, a critical stage in terms of quality.

As an entry-level engineer, how does it feel to be part of this huge win?

It’s awesome to know that our area is providing the best quality to our customers. I’m proud of what our team has accomplished, and I’m targeting for us to have a repeat next year.

Help Customers Get
Home Safely

We’re always looking out for our customers. That’s why Shanghai OnStar has joined forces with external partners to offer one-click service for OnStar members across China who need a designated driver.

The service is available in Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet vehicles equipped with OnStar. Members can simply use the Shanghai OnStar mobile app to activate the service. They can reimburse drivers directly after their rides and can also use the service to call drivers for friends.

My GM Rewards Tops 1 Million Users

More than 1 million Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac drivers have signed up for My GM Rewards, the automotive industry’s first comprehensive loyalty rewards program. Once enrolled, members can earn and redeem points on eligible purchases, including new GM vehicles, parts, accessories, paid dealer services, OnStar and Connected Services plans and more.

Chevrolet customers in China, meanwhile, can benefit from the Chevrolet U-CLUB, which includes comprehensive repair and maintenance service and individualized offerings such as activities for families and sports enthusiasts. We also recently extended aftersales service hours to 9 p.m. on Saturday nights exclusively for U-CLUB members to better fit owners’ schedules. Since the Chevrolet U-CLUB was established in 2014, more than 2 million Chevy owners have joined.

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Celebrate Employees
Who Go the Extra Mile

A New Engineer Puts
Quality First

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Help Customers
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