Outreach events held in partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide help both children and adults learn how to stay safe in and around vehicles.


Help Kids in China Ride Safe

The Safe Kids Safe Ride partnership in China is helping change perceptions and increase knowledge about seatbelt use.

Car crashes are a leading cause of injury and death for young children in China. Each day, at least 30 families are involved in crashes and 10 children die in traffic accidents. Many of these tragedies are preventable. According to a recent survey of parents in Shanghai, 70 percent of parents have car seats, but only about a third use them every time their child rides in a vehicle, despite evidence that car seats significantly reduce risk of injury and death.

One reason parents report for not using car seats is that they find them difficult to install. GM China, along with Safe Kids Worldwide, is committed to changing this perception and increasing parents’ knowledge of how to keep their children safe in and around vehicles. We are doing this through the Safe Kids Safe Ride partnership, now in its fourth year in China.

Safe Kids Safe Ride
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The 2017 program officially kicked off with training for employees provided by Safe Kids Worldwide. Employees then became the trainers themselves, speaking with parents at local kindergartens, hosting an installation workshop at a Chevrolet dealership, and leading a seminar to refresh parents’ knowledge after new traffic regulations took effect in Shanghai. The Chevrolet team also participated in the United Nations’ Global Road Safety Week initiative, hosting demonstrations to teach parents about topics such as proper car seat installation, heatstroke, teen driving, and backover and frontover accidents.

With the support of hundreds of volunteers, Safe Kids Safe Ride has reached 1,800 schools in 26 cities and more than 120,000 children and parents in China. The program was recognized with a CSR Program Award at the sixth annual China Corporate Social Responsibility Ceremony in Beijing.

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