The MUFI agrihood, nestled in a neighborhood among vacant land and occupied and abandoned homes, provides free produce to about 2,000 households within 2 square miles of the farm.


Use Surplus Materials to Build a New Kind
of Neighborhood

GM donations are being put to work in an “agrihood,” a neighborhood concept that brings fresh produce to urban spaces.

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI) recently unveiled America’s first sustainable urban “agrihood,” an alternative neighborhood growth model in Detroit’s lower North End that positions agriculture as the centerpiece of a mixed-use urban development. Totaling about three acres, the volunteer-run space features a bustling two-acre urban garden, a 200-tree fruit orchard, a children’s sensory garden and more. The urban garden provides fresh, free produce to about 2,000 nearby households.

GM helped make this innovative neighborhood concept possible through our relationship with Green Standards, a firm that connects companies with surplus resources to local nonprofits. We donated excess office furniture, as well as vehicle insulation scrap that will be repurposed for wall and ceiling insulation. This reuse of materials will help make MUFI’s headquarters one of the most sustainable buildings in Detroit. It is also expected to bring millions in investment to the area, strengthening the community that GM calls home.

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