Many of GM China’s volunteer efforts focus on providing educational opportunities for underserved children.


Promote Education for Youth Across China

GM China supports students at all levels, from kindergarteners learning to read to university students seeking scholarships.

We know that a child can be inspired to work hard in school or pursue a new career path when they have someone to show them the way. Many of GM China’s volunteer efforts in 2017 centered on providing education and resources to children and young people, delivering a continuum of opportunity that extends from kindergarten classrooms to university lecture halls.

The support begins in early childhood through programs such as the Village Kindergarten project, through which GM employees travel halfway across China to work with children in rural Qinghai who lack access to quality education. GM also supported kids in need through donation of books, winter coats and scholarships.

For school-age children, GM helped organize events that enforce classroom learning and inspire students to begin thinking about potential career paths. Examples include the Aerospace Robotic Camp for primary school students and children of GM employees in Shanghai; the Promise One Cup of Water program, designed to increase children’s environmental awareness; and the Automotive Youth Educational Course, a vocational training program launched through our SAIC-GM joint venture.

GM China continues to engage young people as they enter universities and begin their careers. ICCG, SAIC-GM’s creative platform for university students, hosted the third annual Automobile Outlook Design and Advertising Creation Competition at Hunan University. SAIC-GM also sponsors a scholarship for journalists to take a three-month course in economics and law.

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