stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders are individuals or groups with whom we have an ongoing relationship and impact as the result of our business operations. We have identified our primary stakeholders as:

GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson presides at the annual meeting of shareholders.

We engage our stakeholder groups in a variety of ways, with the frequency and communication mechanisms based on the most effective means of facilitating dialogue. Brand marketing, investor relations, purchasing, human resources, labor relations and government relations are some examples of the GM functions that engage with their respective stakeholders to understand and address their concerns. Forms of engagement include, but are not limited to, quantitative consumer research studies, employee focus groups, congressional testimony, blogs and community meetings.

External Stakeholder Advisory Group

We have partnered with Ceres to form an External Stakeholder Advisory Group to help guide our sustainability strategy and focus. This group is comprised of NGOs, Socially Conscious Investors (SCIs) and suppliers. During the past year, we have met formally as a group twice for the purpose of providing updates on our business, soliciting feedback on our sustainability initiatives and issues of concern, and asking for input on the contents of this report. Among the topics discussed at our most recent meeting were: