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Barry Engle, Executive Vice President & President, GM South America

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In 2015, GM established new milestones in South America, celebrating sales leadership for the 15th consecutive year and positioning the Chevrolet Onix as the best-selling car in Brazil and in the region.

As we proudly strengthen our presence in the region, our commitment to sustainability remains at the core of our operations. Achieving sustainability certifications is part of GM’s responsibility, and we’ve been recognized for continuous improvement of the environment around our facilities:

  • Wildlife Habitat Council – Rosario achieved the “Corporate Lands for Learning” certification.
  • Landfill Free – Our facilities in Rosario, Gravataí, Mogi das Cruzes and Joinville are already waste-free.
  • Energy Star Performance – Our facilities in São Caetano do Sul, Mogi das Cruzes and Gravataí were recognized by Energy Star as energy-efficient.
  • LEED Gold – Joinville is still the only facility in Brazil to have this prestigious certification.
  • Built-In Quality (BIQ) Level III Certification – GM Colombia was recognized by General Motors Company as one of the plants with higher levels of competitiveness, production standards and excellent quality.
  • Punto Verde Certification – The highest Ministry of Environment certificate in Ecuador.
  • Carbon footprint – In Ecuador, GM has a program to reduce the carbon footprint of both its operations and its products, offsetting the CO2 emissions of its assembly plant, through a partnership with a well-known environmental organization.

The future starts now

Our responsibility is not only to contribute to the well-being of future generations, but also to proactively influence the present with innovative technologies related to fuel efficiency, urban mobility and connectivity, that help further reduce the impact of our industry on the environment while meeting customer expectations. Technologies like OnStar and MyLink, developed by GM and already offered in most countries in the region, are changing the face of urban mobility, creating more conscious drivers, consuming less fuel and producing less CO2 just by making smarter daily routes.

In Ecuador, we are moving forward with an initiative called, “Conductor Amigo,” for continuous learning for taxi drivers. This training program for taxi drivers will improve the quality of their services and strengthen the development of tourism, making an impact in the community with a multiplier effect on income generation. In Brazil, we just launched a pilot of “MAVEN,” our innovative car-sharing program that is changing how people are rethinking urban mobility in the cities. The initiative allows employees to rent Chevrolet cars for the time they need, as long as they need, for less than it would cost to own a car. In Argentina, we started the “Chevrolet Bike,” a program with bicycles designed to use in the cities, the mountains and for children; bikes are a complement to the car and a quick alternative to get around in a healthy and sustainable style.

GM is facing many challenges in South America, but as we move forward, we have a clear strategy to continue leveraging our leadership position in the region. From 2014 to 2019, GM aims to invest BRL 13 billion only in Brazil, to renew the product portfolio and introduce new technologies in order to offer compelling cars to our customers in the region. We are also investing USD 740 million through 2016 in Argentina for the production of a new global model and construction of a new powertrain plant. In Ecuador, we are investing more than USD 70 million in the next three years in the development of new products, safety, efficiency and quality of the models assembled in the local plant.

The South American market is strategic for GM, and we reached some important milestones in several areas this past year:

  • Improvement in our local process in logistics and quality and enhancing our compliance with extensive internal and external metrics, including expansion of our certified facilities to satisfy several international standards.
  • An extensive Dealers Program, the Chevrolet University, designed to train and develop the network by emphasizing our core messages and philosophy to earn customers for life.
  • Continuous positive results in customer satisfaction surveys, in which several countries exceeded 86 percent of customers completely satisfied with their shopping experience and after-sales service – record results for the region. For the first time in Brazil, the rate of satisfaction with our services was higher than that for sales – 86.9 percent for services and 85.5 percent for sales. This is recognition that our strategy to focus on the consumer is the right way to go.

Earning customers for life

With our continuous drive to deliver the best products, and thanks to our excellent product portfolio and comprehensive dealer network, we’ve kept sales leadership for the 15th consecutive year. We’re determined to leverage the Chevrolet brand as one of the most valued by customers in the region.

To lead our new product portfolio renewal, we have many challenges ahead. But, to our advantage, the next generation of our vehicles makes use of lighter materials and offers greater fuel efficiency, not only to comply with emission standards in the various countries, but also to lead the way in the industry. We’re also looking into increasing productivity, reducing costs and innovating in design, engineering, development of new suppliers and manufacturing, to be more competitive in a challenging market.

Since our arrival in South America, we have pioneered the industry and led the market with technologies, innovative products designed to satisfy our customers, services focused on delivering high-quality cars and trucks, and exemplary after-sales connections that resulted in a growing brand and customer base. We at Chevrolet continue to inspire passion, customer loyalty and recognition of our innovative products. We want to keep earning customers for life.

Barry Engle
Executive Vice President & President, GM South America

Participants in Chevrolet University, which strengthens the technical capacity and employment of sponsored students.