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Matt Tsien, Executive Vice President & President, GM China

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China has been the world’s largest vehicle market since 2009 and GM’s largest market since 2010.

As we have maintained our leadership position in China, GM has also maintained our support of the local community, as well as our focus on the sustainable development of the automotive industry.

To promote a safer and healthier community, we carried out the GM China Safe Kids Safe Ride program in 2015 for the second consecutive year with 30 activities at kindergartens and primary schools. GM employees across China got involved, volunteering more than 2,300 hours of their time.

In addition, we extended our support of the Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education (PACE) program with the establishment of a PACE Center at Hunan University in central China to train the next generation of industry professionals. Meanwhile, staff from GM and our joint ventures once again generously supported the Chevrolet Red Chalk Program as volunteer teachers in disadvantaged communities.

While doing our part to address society’s current needs, GM is committed to defining and leading the future of personal mobility through the creation of an entirely new transportation business model. We are not just talking about it. We are driving the development of the technology and concepts necessary to support it.

Our China operations have access to a broad array of GM solutions. They range from light electrification to pure electric vehicle technology and from connected vehicle to car-sharing concepts. We are being supported by outstanding facilities such as the state-of-the-art battery lab at the GM China Advanced Technical Center in Shanghai and innovative partnerships across the industry value chain.

GM and our manufacturing joint ventures have begun introducing more than 10 new energy vehicles (NEVs) in China between 2016 and 2020 – about a sixth of our total new entries during the five-year period. These NEVs represent our popular Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and Baojun brands.

In addition, GM sees great potential for V2X connected vehicle technology here in China to help reduce congestion and accidents. We will continue exploring opportunities on our own and supporting the work of organizations like SAE-China and C-ITS, which are developing a V2X application standard.

To explore opportunities in car sharing, a fleet of 16 Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 electric concept vehicles went into service at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2015. The two-year program is generating more than 1,000 rentals per month by university faculty and students while providing valuable learnings.

GM is receiving additional insights into the car-sharing user experience through a carpooling pilot program introduced for our employees based in Shanghai. Staff members are conveniently arranging rides with one another using a self-developed mobile app.

We now believe that we have the real potential to make the vision GM showed the world at Expo 2010 in Shanghai a reality. It is a future of the automobile that will be free from petroleum, free from emissions, free from congestion and free from accidents.

GM is intent on helping disrupt the industry to drive us to tomorrow and shape the future of transportation in our company’s largest market. We will also continue contributing to local talent development at universities and remote rural schools to support our company’s sustainable long-term growth in China. For GM China, the best is yet to come.

Matt Tsien
Executive Vice President & President, GM China

The Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 electric concept vehicle is the basis of a sharing pilot program at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai.