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2016 Chevrolet Spark EV

Sustainability Strategy

Our customers expect us to provide them with mobility that is safe,
reliable and unencumbered, and to address societal issues that impact these imperatives like congestion, pollution and traffic accidents.

For GM to thrive well into the future, we have a responsibility to provide solutions that help address these issues.

“I'm listening to customers or insights... and what they want from the auto industry is clear. They want unfettered personal mobility. More specifically, they expect us to help mitigate... if not eliminate... the congestion... pollution... and traffic accidents that are the downsides of automobiles. To me, these aren't noble causes. They are imperatives. If we expect our industry to thrive well into the future, we have to provide solutions.”

– Mary Barra
  GM Chairman & CEO

We are developing solutions against the backdrop of a significant period of change in the automotive industry. In fact, we expect our industry to change more in the next five years than it has in the previous 50 years, as the nature of customer interaction evolves, the importance of environmental efficiency increases, technology reshapes the industry, and global growth shifts to new markets. Our opportunity is to lead change and be a driving force in transforming transportation.

Through the lens of sustainability, we view industry challenges and change as new business opportunities that can drive additional value for our customers. We call this "customer-driven sustainability." From designing more fuel-efficient vehicles and deploying advanced-safety technologies to being the workplace of choice for employees and the neighbor of choice for communities, we make strategic decisions based on how the outcomes ultimately translate into value for our customers. In the process, we’re executing key business imperatives that are “sustainable” rather than viewing sustainability as a separate corporate initiative. This approach creates positive benefits for our stakeholders, drives long-term success for GM and enables each employee at every level of our company to help build value for the customer.

We measure value creation through sustainability in three primary ways:

  • Top-line growth opportunities, such as vehicle purchases by environmentally conscientious consumers who want to do business with a company viewed as socially responsible, new business models based on emerging urban mobility trends, and new revenue streams from proactive waste management activity.
  • Bottom-line improvements realized by taking a systemic approach to our operations and business processes that eliminate cost, drive efficiency and increase productivity.
  • Risk mitigation, when matters of reputational integrity are involved or where we anticipate potential operational disruptions due to resource scarcity, such as the use of rare earth minerals.

A Strategy of Integration

We are focused on further integrating sustainability into our business through GM’s Purpose and Values. In particular, our work is driven by GM’s five corporate strategic priorities.

In the context of serving customers and improving communities, the opportunity to create value and have a positive impact on the world is significant. The following illustrates how environmental and social sustainability can help drive these priorities.

We aspire to serve customers and improve communities with a zero-impact mindset. And our work is grounded in our values, with the customer as our compass to guide decisions, with strong and transparent stakeholder relationships, and with excellence as our standard.